Wilma, of Wilma’s Wonderful Wi

Wilma, of Wilma’s Wonderful Winterwear, decided to hire two managers and divide John and Kay’s work between them. Reuel was designated to takeover when Wilma finally retired and handled most of the strategic decisions of the operation. Maxine was to be second-in-charge and handle most of the day-to-day routine. The first two years were great. Maxine in particular was terrific. She had had some experience running other small businesses and had a strong drive and great people skills. Wilma happily retired and moved to California to keep house for John (and to have walk-on parts in several of his films).

Well, as terrific as Maxine was, you can imagine that she didn’t want to be second for long. Two years after Wilma retired, she decided that she wanted to be the boss. What are Maxine’s likely options?

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