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Literature Homework Help. Preparation for Writing Paper 1: Review course materials on gender and the American family.Find 4 (four) outside sources on gender and the American family/and or media representations.Choose 3 (three)

Preparation for Writing Paper 1:

  1. Review course materials on gender and the American family.
  2. Find 4 (four) outside sources on gender and the American family/and or media representations.
  3. Choose 3 (three) television shows you believe are good examples of how US media represents gender and family on television (stereotypes, traditional gender roles, etc.)
  4. Once you have chosen your television shows, watch an episode or two, and take notes.
  5. Your notes will help provide more detail for your examples on this assignment.

Your paper should include the following:

Appendix of your three TV shows episodes

The appendix (in your own words) needs to provide general information on each of the programs included in your analysis. This should include an overview of the setting, relevant characters, and the target audience. Again, you do not need to summarize the episodes that you watched. Just give me a quick background of the show. Make sure to tell me the TV show name, the season of the episode you are using for your paper, and the episode number and title that you are using. You can use more than one episode, but it tends to be easiest to select one episode per TV show.


Explain what your paper is about.

  1. What about gender and family are you covering?

In order to guide your writing, you should have a couple of questions that you are attempting to answer.

  • Example: What are the differences across the programs in terms of portraying gender roles within the family and work, race/ethnicity, romantic relationships, children/parent dynamics, family dynamics, class status, reproduction of children (adoption, IVF, biological children, blended families, etc.)?

Include those in your introduction, and name the shows you have watched. In this paper, you would obviously focus on gender.

Literature Review and Overall Body of Paper

This is where you bring in course materials and outside sources. Use them to support your statements about media representation of gender and family. This is where you also include your television shows as examples.


Why does this paper matter? Tell us about the importance of accurate representations of gender in American Television. Give us a summary of what you observed. 

Reference List of Your Four Outside Scholarly Resources 

Note: Do not use blogs, Wikipedia or other online encyclopedia sources such as in this assignment. These are not reputable, peer-reviewed scholarly sources.

An excellent place to start is the “Web of Science Database“, which you can access via the FAU library website (you do not have to be on campus to access the database – you will just have to log in via off-campus access).

If you are a fan of Google, be sure to check out the library’s tailored google scholar search. It allows you to access the content available through FAU directly and request it via inter-library loan (again a login is required to do this off campus).

You must list your four resources in reference formatting APA or ASA.

Don’t forget that the librarians are available to help you with your searches!

Following Directions

  • Paper 1 should be 2-3 pages in length.
  • Make sure that all of the required information is clearly detailed.

Literature Homework Help

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