Your assignment is to prepare

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on in july 2010, the american broadcaster cnbc claimed that: america’s national crime syndicate is powerful, entrenched and almost impossible to nullify assess the extent to which this is an accurate analysis of la cosa nostra’s positio. They captured the legitimacy of businesses and in return gave out services in exchange instead of concurring over the entire business. Consequently, LCN avoided the management that they could not prosper in but instead opted for service provision. The group, therefore, created an environment that was very necessary for business success2.

Second, LCN participated actively in the sales of drugs for which they charged exorbitantly in an attempt to make huge cash for their operations. Alongside gambling and drug trafficking, LCN also engaged in other activities such as air cargo theft, hijacking, and murder in their efforts to acquire wealth for running their activities. LCN also engaged in Loan sharking that supplemented their economic muscles.

La Cosa Nostra group also single-handedly took part in controlling various illegal markets in a monopolistic process. Sources reveal that they did it so successfully in a&nbsp.manner&nbsp.that no&nbsp.more&nbsp.crime organization has ever done. In addition, LCN also diversified largely into legal markets to widen further their sources of operational funds3.

There was New York waste hauling industry in which La Cosa Nostra was a cartel for over fifty years. It is through the control over trade unions that LCN managed to set up a cartel. LCN used the cartel to monopolize the market. The group threatened to disrupt the market, create labor problems and violence through “mob tax” if consumers and participants failed to pay inflated prices for their waste hauling industry.

La Cosa Nostra also encroached into white-collar jobs in attempts to diversify its activities. Through the diversification, they took part in multimillion-dollar frauds in health insurance and prepaid telephone credit cards. LCN also displayed a wide range of professionalism in these scams, an indication that it was a network of learned persons in collaboration with less skilled mafias.

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You will prepare and submit a

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Master Draftsman Leonardo da Vinci. Your paper should be a minimum of 250 words in length. These little works collected with his notepads, which comprise drawings, methodical diagrams, and his opinions on the nature of painting, encompass an involvement to later generations of artists only matched by that of his fashionable, Michelangelo.

Leonardo is inverted to his technical inventiveness as he hypothesized flying machines. Moderately little of his projects were built and some were viable during his lifetime. Returning to the Guild of St Luke, Leonardo consumed two years while crafting and painting a fresco of the combat of Anghiari for the Signori an as Michelangelo designing its confidant piece (Bambach & Manges, 2003).

According to the post, Leonardo’s work is more than what is just represented as most of the drawings looks more than just a drawing but supernatural. His intelligence in many fields of the study showed how great he was talented. Thus, he remains the most talented and skilled artist to ever lived.

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Hello, I am looking for someon

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on A case of identify. It needs to be at least 1250 words. At the center of the story is Miss Mary Sutherland who is described as a woman with substantial income. The earnings majorly come from an interest fund which had been set up for her. Miss Sutherland gets engaged to a very quiet Londoner who later disappears. This is where the power of Sherlock Holmes’s detective is tested with the case later turning out to be what can be said to be an elementary case (Doyle 67). Miss Sutherland’s fiancé, Hosmer Angel is a very peculiar character. He is quiet and a very secretive man. No one knows any details about his life. Even Miss Sutherland herself is only aware that Hosmer works in an office in Leadenhall Street. She has no specific details on the kind of work he does or the people he works with. All the letters that he sends to his fiancée are typewritten including the signature. Hosmer advises Miss Sutherland to reply his letters only through the local post office.

Miss Sutherland’s courtship and meetings with her fiancé are very clandestine. They only plan to be meeting when the stepfather is in France as he was against the relationship (Doyle 230). At times, Miss Sutherland would goes to ball against the wishes of her father with the hope of meeting Hosmer. Despite the secrecy of the man, he manages to convince her fiancé to marry him. It is at this point that the story reaches the climax when Mr. Hosmer abandons Miss Sutherland at the altar on their day of wedding. Hosmer steps into a carriage to go to the church where the ceremony was to take place. However, he is nowhere to be seen when the carriage reaches the church. This amazes everyone who had seen him step into the carriage. Sutherland is very much disappointed, worried and heartbroken since she did not expect someone who had proposed to her to act the way Angel did.

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Write 2 pages with APA style o

Write 2 pages with APA style on Hotel management. Fast food restaurants are increasingly servicing food that affects the health of their s. s, themselves, seem to be fascinated with the wide variety of foodstuff that these restaurants are serving, not knowing that they slowly by slowly, they are soiling the health status. A majority of obesity cases reported in hospitals arise due to the food a patient eats in a restaurant (Mueller 23). A majority of people eat, daily, in the restaurants without taking any organic food. Considering that restaurants are just normal businesses, they also have to make the profit needed in a normal business and. therefore, it is essential for them to sell the type of food, which a majority of consumers like (Mueller 23). This paper will discuss some of the issues circulating the controversy of whether restaurants should be profitable organizations or healthy nutritional organizations.

Some of the issues that are deliberated when setting up a restaurant are the profit of the whole organization, attracting numerous customers, overcoming the competition barrier and the fame of being a renowned chain restaurant. It is extremely hard to find a healthy snack in a café since it is harder for the restaurant to create any money on vegetables and fruits, and because healthy food is not why consumers dine out (Mueller 24). A new study linking numerous chain restaurants confirms that menus are designed for the bottom line, not a customer’s belt line. Restaurants want to bring in more clients and make better earnings. That conclusion might not be above all surprising, bearing in mind that profits drive every company. Even though, senior restaurant supervisors who took part in the research said that healthy food is a key option, there restaurants still sell junk food. According to Mueller (26), if restaurants put something on the menu that is the healthy, then it is the kiss of death. Giving healthier menu items is similar to putting lipstick on a pig. Consumers might go to restaurants where healthier foods are served, but they frequently wind up consuming the same old stuff.

Also, with regards to attracting diverse customers, restaurants regard obesity as a person’s own decision. A lot of people eat the food, which is served in these restaurants, and do not become obese. However, those who just choose to eat without exercising are the people who turn out to be obese. This is not a matter which restaurants could be blamed for. Even though, it is there food, which makes a lot of people obese, it is up to the consumer to exercise on a regular basis. According to a majority of restaurant managers, selling these types of food would be considered a malicious act if forcing someone what to eat is illegal (Mueller 24).

Also, with regards to overcoming competition, restaurants want to attract a lot of customers (Mueller 25). Therefore, selling these types of food is the best option that will make them overcome the competition being experienced in the food industry. It is true to argue that a majority of individuals who prefer to eat out go for junk food. It is the consumer’s preference and restaurants and their business tactics cannot be blamed for this.

Work Cited

Mueller, Eric. “Hotel Management: What is a healthy ratio of food & beverage revenue to room revenue?” The American Journal of Commerce, 23.5 (2012): 23-26.

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Need help with my writing homework on Marketing Planning and Strategy (The Dark Side)1. Write a 250 word paper answering; Marketing Planning and Strategy Marketing Planning and Strategy Considering various elements of marketing, it is identified that the process of marketing is capable of creating and satisfying consumer needs. For established firms, the concept of marketing is particularly essential to satisfy consumer needs because a well planned marketing strategy can understand and deliver actual consumer needs. In addition, new firms marketing their products and services these days also attempt to create needs so that consumers have a reason to purchase. In short, marketing is able to satisfy the needs of existing consumers and to create new needs for emerging market segments. Through excellent use of promotion tools, an organization can create new product/service needs and influence consumers to spend additionally. Similarly, the tool of marketing can be effectively used to identify the changing consumer needs and to satisfy those needs before losing customers to competitors.

Undoubtedly, there is a dark side of marketing. Fraudulent multi-level marketing (MLM) is identified to be a major dark side of marketing. As Manning (2010, p. 367) points out, fraudulent MLM requires high entrance fees or expensive purchases without involving any authentic product or service. Using the concept of MLM and unrealistic schemes, it is easy to trap modern people who wish to become rich effortlessly. Compromising credibility is another dark side of marketing. Today even well established companies market their products and services to customers without disclosing the real benefits and costs. Hidden tariff rates and conditions are increasingly used by companies to attract more customers and to improve sales. Enron Corporation and Worldcom are two prominent examples of companies that have compromised their ethics/values for increased sales and profits.


Manning, G. A. (2010). Financial Investigation and Forensic Accounting. US: CRC Press.

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Write 5 pages thesis on the to

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic oral piercings how to educate people of associated risks. The Mesoamericans such as the Aztecs practiced tongue piercing among others as blood offerings to their gods. In the Middle East, Islamic Fakirs and Sufis and from the Far East, Asian Spirit Mediums performed tongue piercing as offerings and to prove their immersion into a trance state (Bmezine 2006). At the turn of the 20th century, carnivals employed the tongue piercing practices of fakirs in their sideshow tricks. American and European audiences caught their first glimpses of tongue piercing and the trend caught on. Today, Elayne Angel is mainly responsible for the popularity and promotion of tongue piercing and is recognized as the first person with a tongue tip and multiple tongue piercings.

Similar to pierced ears, oral piercing uses metal jewelry that comes in a variety of styles, including studs, barbells and rings. Tongue, lips or cheek piercing however poses greater health risks and care should be taken in all aspects of the piercing process from choosing the right piercer to using the correct jewelry to aftercare measures to prevent health risks.

Tongue piercing has a number of popular names including tongue ring, a misnomer, as rarely are rings worn in tongue piercings. Side-by-side paired tongue piercings are referred as venom piercings or viper bites, suggestive of a snake’s fangs.


The risks of employing unsafe procedures, the right piercer must be selected. Ideally such a piercer is someone who:

Has undertaken suitable training. is knowledgeable on the subject, knows the safety issues. is skilled, experienced and professional.

Performs prudent and safe piercing techniques and cross-contamination control measures.

Undertakes his practice in hygienic surroundings that obey the rules relevant local and state policies.

Follows OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens standards.

Possesses all valid licenses and permits.

Spore tests autoclave (sterilizer) regularly and can provide documentation.

Utilizes proper sterile instruments and jewelry, and sterile disposable needles.

Spends time to provide oral instructions and guidelines in proper care and gives written instructions.

Makes him / herself readily available for follow-up and answers questions related to post-piercing issues to resolve problems before injuries arise.


Wearing appropriate jewelry can reduce the onset of structural damage from tongue and oral piercing. If the jewelry is unsuitably sized, wrongly placed or poorly manufactured, complications may arise. Some considerations:

Proper style of jewelry for the specific anatomy and piercing position.

Accurately sized jewelry to the area. If long pieces of jewelry results in swelling it should be replaced with a shorter piece after swelling has reduced, as this has less possibility of harmfully afflicting the teeth and other oral structures.

Using surgical implant grade jewelry.

Jewelry used for piercings must conform to certain standards, material composition and design specifications.

Balls on tongue barbells can be made of acrylic to reduce the risk of teeth damage.

Ensure that threaded ends are on firmly and tighten them on a daily basis.

Contact with the sublingual part of the oral cavity can be minimized by wearing a smaller ball on the tongue’s underside.

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