Your assignment is to prepare

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on in july 2010, the american broadcaster cnbc claimed that: america’s national crime syndicate is powerful, entrenched and almost impossible to nullify assess the extent to which this is an accurate analysis of la cosa nostra’s positio. They captured the legitimacy of businesses and in return gave out services in exchange instead of concurring over the entire business. Consequently, LCN avoided the management that they could not prosper in but instead opted for service provision. The group, therefore, created an environment that was very necessary for business success2.

Second, LCN participated actively in the sales of drugs for which they charged exorbitantly in an attempt to make huge cash for their operations. Alongside gambling and drug trafficking, LCN also engaged in other activities such as air cargo theft, hijacking, and murder in their efforts to acquire wealth for running their activities. LCN also engaged in Loan sharking that supplemented their economic muscles.

La Cosa Nostra group also single-handedly took part in controlling various illegal markets in a monopolistic process. Sources reveal that they did it so successfully in a&nbsp.manner&nbsp.that no&nbsp.more&nbsp.crime organization has ever done. In addition, LCN also diversified largely into legal markets to widen further their sources of operational funds3.

There was New York waste hauling industry in which La Cosa Nostra was a cartel for over fifty years. It is through the control over trade unions that LCN managed to set up a cartel. LCN used the cartel to monopolize the market. The group threatened to disrupt the market, create labor problems and violence through “mob tax” if consumers and participants failed to pay inflated prices for their waste hauling industry.

La Cosa Nostra also encroached into white-collar jobs in attempts to diversify its activities. Through the diversification, they took part in multimillion-dollar frauds in health insurance and prepaid telephone credit cards. LCN also displayed a wide range of professionalism in these scams, an indication that it was a network of learned persons in collaboration with less skilled mafias.

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