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MGT 302 SLP 3



For the Module 3 SLP assignment, you will put together a team and assign roles according to the strengths and weaknesses of each person on the team. Choose 5, 9, or 11 very diverse team members and assign them roles. You may also have up to 3 alternate team members, with alternate team member roles in case they are needed.


Some of you will quickly see what those teams of 5, 9, and 11 members represent: professional athletic teams of basketball, baseball, and football. Not everyone has a background of those types of athletics, however, so there are other options you can use for this assignment. For example, one student submitted a presentation where the team was a squad of soldiers while another selected to do a presentation about an ice hockey team, the Washington Capitals.


SLP Assignment

The focus of this assignment is on your formation of a team which includes role assignment, barriers to team assignments, potential conflicts in the team, and conflict management. Begin the assignment by reading the Stretch (2016) reference as well as chapters 9 and 10 in the Organization Behavior textbook found on the Background page of this Module.

As you determine the multiple personalities that make up your team, think about the following questions that you will later address in a PowerPoint presentation:

  • How do you determine which person gets which role on the team?
  • What barriers do you see in the way of the success of your team in completing assignments?
  • How do you know when the alternates should be activated and others pulled from the team, if only temporarily?
  • What are possible causes of conflict on the team?
  • What steps will you take to reduce conflict on the team?
  • Identify potential conflicts between team members, the outcome of these potential conflicts, and the process you will follow to resolve these conflicts.

Your PowerPoint presentation should be professional with a recommended length of 8 to 12 slides (not counting the cover or reference list slides). Include citations on either the slides or note pages of the presentation and insert coordinating information on the References slide. It is important to note that workers today want to see no more than five words and a picture on each slide. Use the notes pages for everything you want to say after those five words. In addition, these same workers want the pictures to be of real people, not clip art.



A separate part of your assignment is an MS Word outline of the speech you would say during the presentation. As with any normal outline, the outline should contain only bullet points of the notes you put on the note pages, not whole sentences or paragraphs.


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Anatomy homework help

Start by reading and following these instructions:

  1. Quickly skim the questions or assignment below and the assignment rubric to help you focus.
  2. Read the required chapter(s) of the textbook and any additional recommended resources. Some answers may require you to do additional research on the Internet or in other reference sources. Choose your sources carefully.
  3. Consider the discussion and the any insights you gained from it.
  4. Create your Assignment submission and be sure to cite your sources, use APA style as required, check your spelling.


The components of the immune system offer three lines of defense: The first line of defense involves surface barriers; the second line of defense involves the cells and proteins of innate immunity and the third defense involves the cells and protein of adaptive immunity.

Answer all the following questions:

  1. What are the major structures and functions of the lymphatic system and how does the lymphatic system interact with other body systems to help maintain homeostasis?
  2. Explain, with examples, the processes and rationale of fever and inflammation.
  3. Identify and describe antibodies main purpose and how they function. What do antibodies react to and how are they created?

In a single essay, address each question asked in a single essay-style document with each topic separated with APA level headings, include an introduction and conclusion paragraph. The formatting for your submission is as follows:

  1. Submissions should be in .doc file format.
  2. Support your answers with 4 scholarly resources. Your textbook can be used as well.
  3. Follow APA format, Times New Roman, 12 Font, double spaced.
  4. Be sure to cite all sources appropriately. (See APA guidelines).
  5. An appropriate APA cover page and reference page should accompany your submission.
  6. Please view the evaluation rubric as you will be assessed on adequacy of responses based on the criteria in the rubric.
  7. Minimal word requirement is 1500 words, not including Title or References pages. Be sure to structure your paper with APA level headings related to the assignment components.
  8. See the rubric for specific grading criteria.
  9. Plagiarism of any kind will result in an automatic score of a “0” for this assignment.
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Management homework help

MGT 302 Case 2

Workplace Motivation

  • West, M. A. (2012). Part 2: Developing teams. In Effective teamwork: Practical lessons from organizational research (3rd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwellfrom Alanis Business Academy.


  • Organizational behavior. (2017). Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing Edition. Retrieved from CC BY-NC-SA License.



For the assignment, a 4- to 5-page essay.

Green Teams at Work: The Case of New Seasons Market

Teamwork is important at New Seasons Market Inc. (a privately held company). This is a relatively small chain of upscale grocery stores in the Pacific Northwest that are built on the ideas of local identity, quality products, and employee freedom to meet the needs of customers. Formed in 1999 by a group of people with similar goals, New Seasons Market operates nine grocery stores in various Portland-area neighborhoods. Though the look and products of the stores are consistent, each store is predominantly staffed by individuals who live in the local neighborhood, enabling each store to know the needs of its customers and create an internal identity all its own.

One of the ways each store creates that identity is through Green Teams. These teams are typically composed of up to 13 paid employees from various departments. Teams join together to address social and environmental issues of sustainability within each store and its surrounding community. The idea for Green Teams originated from a group of employees in one store that assembled to tackle “green” issues in their store. Corporate managers (who also have their own Green Team) agreed that it was such a good idea that now every store is required to have a Green Team. Each team meets monthly and reports to the company sustainability coordinator. Team leadership structures vary from store to store, with some Green Teams having a single chairperson who serves the team for more than 1 year, while other teams regularly rotate leaders or even elect two co-chairs to lead the cause. Teams act as liaisons between their department and the Green Team, help educate staff, and make recommendations to management. Store Green Teams also initiate community service projects and help maintain the waste diversion program.

Through this flexibility, each Green Team has accomplished a variety of projects in their store and local community, including wilderness and wetland cleanup, painting and weeding at a local elementary school, and helping plant gardens for low-income families. One suburban store even developed an intricate carpool program for employees to encourage a reduction in drive-alone car trips. As long as the Green Team’s focus is on their local store and community, they are granted freedom and support from corporate management. Safety and Sustainability Manager Heather Schmidt explains, “If there were too many rules, it could hold back creativity and passion. Having a balance is the key.”

Participation in Green Team initiatives has developed a friendly competition between stores, and rewards employees who participate with incentives. For example, every time an employee joins in the staff carpool, his or her name is entered into a monthly drawing for a gift card. These values of support and encouragement are consistent throughout New Seasons company culture, where employees are valued for their personal contributions. As their Web site explains, “To be a truly great company means that we continually evolve to meet the changing needs of our customers, our staff and the world around us.” With these values, New Seasons Market has created “a workplace that truly believes that taking good care of our co-workers, our customers and our environment is what drives the success of our business.”


In what ways has New Seasons Market followed the steps for creating and maintaining a cohesive team?

What types of teams are the Green Teams?

How can we tell if the Green Teams are successful or not?

What types of problems might the Green Teams encounter?

How would you recommend Green Teams resolve potential conflicts?

What steps could you take to improve the Green Teams’ performance?



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Social Science homework help

You will write a dual column video news script for a “reporter’s package”

Remember that video writers strive to include a little natural sound at the beginning of a package, and they strive to write at least the first sentence or two in present tense.

The package should include nat sound and SOT. Remember my tip: I like to use natural sound like a transition between ideas/paragraphs/locations.

Write a dual column video news package based on a print journalist’s breaking news story. This option calls for you to find a print (online text) breaking news story that catches your interest. Then, turn that story into a dual column script. This does NOT mean you should copy and paste the print journalist’s words into your script. It means you use their facts and information as your research, and you tell the story in your own words — in words that are easy to understand when heard, and words that match picture.

Wait — what are the pictures for option two? You will need to use your imagination to conjure up images for the left hand column of the script. Conjure images in your mind’s eye that are logical and “gettable” for a camera.

1) Pick a short story; something under 800 words. 2) Pick a story that includes direct quotations from human sources. You may use those direct quotations in your script as SOT (sound on tape) as if the source was captured on camera saying those statements.

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Operations Management homework help


Process Improvement Flowchart

As-Is Process Flow Chart Evaluation

Select a process from an organization you work for or are familiar with. You will use this process in your Week 2 & Week 4 Assignments as well.

Create a flowchart of the as-is process using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Vizio, or Excel.

<insert flow chart here>

Evaluate the efficacy of your process using process improvement techniques.

<Write evaluation here>


Process Improvement Flow Chart

Determine how the process can be improved based on the results of your evaluation.


Define metrics and measure the current process.


<insert metrics and measures here>


Use process improvement techniques to improve the process. Create a flow chart of the improved process using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Vizio, or Excel. Use your professional judgment to ascertain how the future process will perform according to your metrics.


<insert new flow chart here>


Write a 525-word executive summary that includes the following:

  • A brief description of the process based on the flowchart of processes current state
  • The results of your process evaluation and how the weak points can be strengthened. Include a description of the process improvement technique(s) used.
  • A brief description of process improvements based on the process of the future state
  • How you anticipate the future process will perform based on metrics used to evaluate process current state
  • A description of your process improvement project to achieve the process future state


<Insert summary Here>


Cite references to support your assignment.


Format your citations according to APA guidelines.


Submit your assignment.


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English homework help

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is the most popular personality assessment used by companies. Myers-Briggs looks at how we prefer to interact with others, how we prefer to process information, how we prefer to communicate and how we like to make decisions. Knowing your preferences and the preferences of your co-workers can help you to be a more effective communicator, team member, and leader.
    For this assignment, you first need to take the attached survey to identify your Myers-Briggs (personality) Type Indicator MBTI.
    Read about MBTI and preferred communication methods in the textbook chapter on Group Diversity or by reading on-line resources. Here are a couple of links to on-line articles.
    Submit a typed, one-page, single space report that describes your MBTI and your communication and decision making preferences. Give examples of situations when your preferred communication style and/or decision making style collided with someone whose style was different than yours. How well can you assess the communication preferences of others and “flex” your style as needed?
    The numbers you score on the MBTI survey will give you an indication of how well you can flex/adapt your style to a given situation. For example, if your numbers for Extrovert is a 3 and Introvert is a 4, it will be easier for you to flex your (slightly) preferred Introverted style to a co-worker’s Extroverted style. If your numbers are Extrovert 0 and Introvert 7, it will be much more challenging to flex your Introverted style to your Extroverted co-worker. Let’s hope that your boss isn’t a 7 on the Extrovert scale and a 0 on the Introvert scale.
    Extroverts like to talk ideas through in a group. Introverts prefer to talk one-to-one or better yet, put it in writing.
    Sensing types want to see facts and figures (concrete evidence). Intuitives just know and they can’t tell you how they know — just trust their gut on this one.
    Thinking types want logical information; brief and to the point. Feeling types have emotional stories (anecdotal evidence) to tell.
    Judging types are skilled at making decisions quickly and with limited information. Perceiving types want more information and may have difficulty making decisions because there are too many possibilities or not enough information.
    You can read more about ways to communication with the different types in the attached Myers-Briggs & Communication.
    Since we will be talking about group Norms (rules) in this course, you can also read the attached MBTI and Rules. How does your type like to follow rules?
    Any project involves planning. What does your Myers-Briggs type think about planning? See attached.
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