Operations Management homework help

Final Paper

The CEO of your organization has asked you to prepare a report which assesses the viability of entering a foreign market.  Select a non-English speaking country as the target of your research.  The outline of your report should be as follows:

Executive Summary (briefly summarize the major themes uncovered during your research)

Main Sections

History, Language, and Culture

Demographic Trends and Social Condition

Legal and Ethical Climate for Business

Political and Regulatory Environment

Economic and Business Climate

Conclusion (Question: Is this a viable country in which to expand the business? Why?)

Each main section should be a minimum of one full page (this must be typed, double-spaced in essay form) and include at least one reference for each main section of the report. Do not use the course text. Please include these sources on a separate work cited page.  You must provide citations within the body of your paper whenever you are quoting or paraphrasing a source.  In order to insure you meet the minimum writing requirement, a paper should be in the range of 6-8 pages.

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