Precalculus homework help

Coach James invests $1200.00 in a money market account that earns 4.25% interest. If he doesn’t make any deposits or withdrawals, what will the balance of the account in 10 years if the interest is compounded the following ways:

1) Annually

2) Semi-Annually

3) Quarterly

4) Monthly

5) Continuously

Jasmine receives a 3.5 % raise from her employer at the end of each year to account for inflation. When she started working for the company in 1994, her annual salary was $31,000.

6) What was Jasmine’s annual salary in 2000?

7) What will Jasmine’s annual salary be in 2024?

The population of Dudley, NC in 2020 was 10,000 residents. If the population increases by 1.75% per year, answer the following questions:

8) What will the population of Dudley be in 2025?

9) What will the population of Dudley be in 2030?

10) What year will the population of Dudley exceed 14,000 residents?


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Business & Finance homework help

 Please answer the following question in a 750-1000 word essay. This assignment is meant to be a reflective essay on the impact of globalization. APA style is required for this assignment.

Globalization is defined by the textbook as the “complex series of economic, social, technological, cultural, and political changes that are seen as increasing interdependence, integration, and interaction between people and companies in disparate locations.

Essay question: Has globalization had a positive or negative impact on the local, national, and the global economy? Please make an argument and support your argument with evidence of the impact of globalization and the role of government and business actors in globalization, drawing on examples of the impact of globalization on the U.S. and at least 1 other nation.

Examples of the impact of globalization and free trade are discussed in Chapter 11, 12, and 13 of the textbook and could include free trade agreements involving the US and other nations:

  • The impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on the U.S., Mexico, and Canada
  • The impact of the Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR) on the U.S. and at least one other Central American nation
  • The impact of the U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA) on U.S. and at least one other nation
  • Impact of U.S.-China trade relations, and trade disputes on the economies of both nations
  • Impact of the European Union on nations in the E.U.
  • Impact of international organizations/institutions including the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, the World Health Organization and the World Bank on one or more nations.
  • Impact of activity or projects by multinational corporations in U.S. and other nations.

(For purposes of examples, you could for example discuss NAFTA’s impact on the U.S. and Mexico (or the U.S. and Canada).  You could also discuss two separate trade agreements and/or international organizations or institutions—e.g. discuss NAFTA’s impact on the US, and discuss another international agreement/organization’s (including the WTO) impact on another nation.

The essay should use course materials (including the textbook), at least 1 other online information sources (including government, nonprofit, and academic sources), and at least 3 news articles or other news sources.

  • attachment

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Financial markets homework help

each assignment must be at least 1 page
Writing assignment #1

Pick one of the five publicly-traded automotive companies below which are listed on the NYSE for your financial analysis and find a published online annual report: General Motors, Ford, Fiat Chrysler, Toyota or Honda.

  • Briefly discuss why you picked this company and its current status, including its stock price.
  • Reviewing  the organization’s Income Statement specifically, do the numbers indicate a favorable trend of profitability? Why, or why not?

Please cite your source(s) of information using proper APA format and include the Assignment Cover Page.  See rubric for grading criteria.

Writing assignment#2

Briefly summarize the different types of calculating depreciation discussed in Chapter 5.

  • Referring to the organization that you selected, what type of depreciation method(s) does the organization use?
  • Would alternative methods be used by this organization when reporting to different ‘audiences’? Why?

Please cite your source(s) of information using proper APA format and include the Assignment Cover Page.

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Operations Management homework help

The text states that strategic decisions are (1) rare, (2) consequential, and (3) directive. These deal with the long-term future of the entire organization. To aid in the decision making, the authors suggest an eight step decision-making process. Found on page 25 in the text, these include: (1) evaluating current performance results; (2) reviewing corporate governance; (3) scanning and assessing the external environment; (4) scanning and assessing the internal corporate environment; (5) analyzing the strategic factors; (6) generating and selecting the best alternative strategy; (7) implementing selected strategies; and (8) evaluating implemented strategies. These guidelines for making and evaluating decisions at a strategic level can be important for leaders.

Open today’s issue of The Wall Street Journal and look for an article about new moves being made by a corporation, specifically the decisions that are strategic. At what level is each of the decisions that you identified? Functional/Business/Corporate? Why do you believe this to be the case? What is your assessment of these decisions? Will they be effective? Why? How have you decided this?

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Law homework help

The topic of your project is to be arranged in consultation with the instructor by the second week of class.  The presentation/paper must fall within the purview of this course, that is, it must be related to some aspect of the intersection of law, morality, and war.  It may cover the theoretical and/or practical connections between the existence of law and the conduct of war, including digital or cyber war, or explore the status of morality regarding the violence of war in international relations and politics.  This is particularly poignant in the post-Hiroshima era.

Here are some ideas you may want to consider:

You may look at the legal or moral problems posed by either contemporary warfare in the nuclear age or traditional warfare.  Is there a role for (U.S.) Constitutional law in war or in the resolution of disputes? Does international law play a role? When is military intervention justified in the amelioration of, or end of, conflicts?  Is there a tension between those who would punish war crimes, especially since Nuremberg, and those who hope to reconcile adversaries?

Religion and ideology play a major role in the ways people see war.  Eli Weisel wrote that God died in the eyes of a young boy at Auschwitz.  In other words, how can we explain the existence of evil if there is divine presence in the world?  What do our contemporaries think about this matter?  Countries always justify their wars against enemies, but does morality have to play a role?  How do our readings in this course illuminate the connections between law, morality, and war?

Thesis Statement and Introduction

Write a thesis statement summarizing the main argument you will be making in your final paper as well as the introductory paragraph of your paper. These may change as you move forward, but it will be your general road map.

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Philosophy homework help

 Topic:  Child abuse and/or neglect

Please follow the outline below to develop the paper (See APA video below)

  1. Give a brief overview of the history, ideology, origin or underlying cause of the social issue or social problem.
  2. Identify who is impacted by the social issue or social problem and how many people are affected by the issue or problem. Discuss whether some populations are disproportionately at risk for this problem and the reasons underlying the disproportionate risk.
  3. Describe how the issue or problem affects this population and indicate why there is a need for a social service solution.
  4. Identify and describe the current social policies and the social services that are offered to prevent the problem and/or ameliorate the situation for persons impacted by the problem.
  5. Identify the criteria for eligibility for these services.
  6. Discuss the specific services that are available to address the problem.
  7. Describe how these services are administered and delivered.
  8. Discuss the effectiveness of these services in preventing or ameliorating the problem.
  9. Discuss the extent to which these services are effectively delivered to and culturally relevant for persons in greatest need.
  10. Identify the interest groups instrumental in the initial or current development of the policy.
  11. Identify any ethical considerations when working with this population.
  12. Based on your analysis, identify the strengths and limitations of this policy, program or social service. Identity the changes you would recommend in the policy, program or service to more effectively and efficiently meet the needs of the target population.
  13. Develop a strategy to advocate for and to enact or implement a policy or social service change that you would recommend.

Format for the Framework for Analysis of Social Welfare Policy Paper

  1. The paper is to have have an outline or table of content. This outline/table of content is to give the reader an overview of your approach to the topic and specific pages where to find specific content.
  2. The paper is to have an introduction separate from the body of the paper and it should be no more than a paragraph.
  3. The body of the paper should be no more than seven full doubled spaced pages and no less than five full pages, typewritten using a twelve-point font. The paper should have a standard one inch margin on all sides and doubled spaced.
  4. The paper is to contain a minimum of five citations of sources, properly documented in APA style. There should be a reference page with no fewer than five current references. To assist the student in developing an APA style paper please watch the following YouTube video for ideas:
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