Online Activity – Week 1
Read the following case study then complete the tasks that follows.
Case Study
You are assigned as the project manager for GoTo Marketing’s newest client Green Waste. You report directly to the CEO of GoTo and Green Waste’s representative. AT this stage, you are required to gather information and create a project brief, contract or memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the client. Some of the details passed on to you include:
• The client collects and recycles bio-degradable house waste.
• Their goal is to create a door-to-door marketing pamphlet that encourages householders to leave their green waste in bio-degradable plastic bags next to their council bins each week.
• Householders have to purchase the bags from Green Waste for $2/bag. The waste will be collected each week as part of the service.
• They want the pamphlet (including design, printing and delivery) to cost no more than $20,000.
• They want 50,000 pamphlets distributed within five weeks from today.
• Your current postage delivery contract charges you $80 per 1000 deliveries.
• Your team comprises a graphic designer, an account manager (who deals with Green Waste regularly) and anyone else you see fit.
• Your designer costs $1800 per week with an estimated one week delivery of the first draft of the pamphlet.
1. What processes do you follow to help you understand the scope of the project?
2. How will you ensure the project brief relates to the organisation’s overall mission, goals, objectives and operations?
3. How do you ensure the information you prepare or receive is comprehensive and detailed enough?
4. Prepare a project brief, contract or MOU for you project.
Question 2
Think of a project that you have recently undertaken. How well do you think you planned this project? Based on the information in this section, what would you have done differently?
5-6 sentences only

Online Activity – Week 2
Read the case study then complete the task that follows.
Case Study
Kyle is the manager of an It team at a private hospital in suburban Adelaide. Recently, he managed a project to to upgrade one of the hospital’s servers. He explains that while the project went well in the end, there was a problem with the provider that was originally contracted o supply them with the new server.
‘We had put the provision of a new server out to tender. From the responses we received, we appointed a provider and agreed on a date the server would be delivered and set up. We made a provider sign a contract, which we thought would have been sufficient and binding in terms of managing our risks with this project – but it wasn’t.
/Immediately after the server was installed, we had planned to upgrade some software we use here that was badly needed.
‘We went ahead and fulfilled all obligations at our end. The day before the server was due to be installed we got a phone call from the provider saying the server wouldn’t be delivered for two weeks because they had mistakenly ordered a server that was much too small for our needs.
‘We were furious but had to do something quickly – we had everything ready to go. Staff had backed up their data, we had software ready to be installed. I got on the phone to another provider who had responded to our tender and asked then if they could help us. While their quote was higher, it was outweighed by the cost of a two-week waiting period. It turned out the second provider had a server in stock and could deliver it the next day.
‘What I didn’t expect was the added costs that i needed to include in the plan like the extra hours I spent organizing the new provider and the time our legal and accounts departments spent cancelling the original contract and setting up a new contract and supplier profile for the other company we ended up using.’
1. Suggest a risk management approach that could have prevented last-minute problems experienced by Kyle.
2. Using the risk management plan, prepare a brief report on how you managed risk to ensure project outcomes were met.
Question 2
Using the units in time in the example Gantt Chart, use these to show how you approach your class attendance and assessment completion. 5-6 sentences only

Online Activity – Week 3
1. Describe why you think it is important to manage the end of a project carefully.
2. For each of the following groups, list the activities you would undertake to properly conclude their input into your project. Explain why each group may be treated differently during this phase:
• Permanent staff who were seconded to the project
• Staff who were recruited specifically for their project
• A client who participated in your project’s outcomes
• An accounts team member who offered ad-hoc advice on financial issues and helped set up spreadsheets and reports used within the project
Question 2
Develop a CPA for posting a letter using these activities:
1. Write letter
2. Put in envelope
3. Address letter
4. Place stamp on letter
5. Post letter
Online Activity – Week 4
Read the following case study and respond to the questions below.
Case Study
A regional outlet for McDonnell’s Office Supplies employs two administration/clerical staff, an office manager, three full-time sales people, a floor manager, and a warehouse/purchasing manager. The company’s head office wants to run a trial to create an induction process for all staff that familiarises them with the office layout, reporting lines and general duties such as locking the office at the end of the day and evacuation drills. Additionally, they want some basic training in the types of products and services they offer, which includes stationary supplies, binding services, photocopying and printing services and home delivery.
You have been contracted by McDonnell’s Office Supplies head office in Perth to fulfil this requirement by utilising current staff at the regional office. You will report your daily progress to the HR manager in Perth and submit a weekly expense report. Additionally, you will provide progress reports to the local manager (a schedule has not yet been decided). You have been allocated a budget of $4000 (not including your consulting fee). Within this budget, you must account for the time you allocate jobs to employees (at a flat rate of $150 per employee per day). All stationery expenses and testing of the process must also be covered by this budget.
The company is currently looking at all HR systems and processes including professional development and certified training for managers through a registered training organisation.
Once an induction process has been created, you are to submit it to the local manager fro sign-off, who will then forward it to national HR for sign-off and implementation throughout the company’s 80 outlets (of which another regional outlet is located just 30 minutes drive from your base).
1. Define the organisational structure, and lines of authority and communication within McDonnell’s Office Supplies contract environment.
2. Describe how each of the following legislative requirements might affect the project. Provide examples for each.
• Anti-discrimination legislation
• Ethical principles
• Codes of practice
• Privacy laws
• Environmental issues
3. How would you determine if the project relates to the organisation’s overall mission, goals, objectives and operations? Who could you ask and why?
4. Outline the critical steps – and the reasons for them – that you should take to gain full understanding of:
• the scope and parameters of the project, the project team and all stakeholders
• the needs of stakeholders
• the resources necessary for the project to be successfully completed
• the limits of the project manager’s responsibility
• how the project relates to others being run within an organisation
Question 2
You are the training assistant in charge of developing the training program as described in the scenario earlier. Your task is to identify three possible risks – and develop a solution for one of those risks.