Eva Smith Analysis Essay Examp

The inspector just left and we are discussing about what had happened and revealed. Soon after, we found out that there wasn’t a girl named Eva Smith that died from drinking disinfectant and there was no inspector that was named Inspector Goole. My head turned around while I glanced around the room, as if I was looking for some answers. However, everyone was clueless. After what just happened and my parents reaction towards the situation, our family’s relationship has just been torn into pieces. Anger was burning around my body. The feeling of despair washed me away. I’m not able to trust my family anymore.

Everyone is proven to be guilty of something regarding to Eva Smith’s suicide. I caused Eva Smith to get sacked. I was trying on a dress, and she smirked. A tingly sense of viciousness attacked my back. I thought she was teasing me for wearing something that didn’t suit me. A glint of irritation crossed my glare. I couldn’t accept her. Now, I think it was a misinterpretation. I was jealous of her appearance. This was all because I was being self-absorbed, not fully understanding the situation. Not a single thing could describe the sadness that I felt during that discovery. My heart began to ache. The money and our family’s reputation just simply made me self-centred. It made me forget what my morals were. I was too quick to judge.

Gerald had an affair with Eva Smith. During the time he wasn’t seeing me, he lied to me saying he was busy at work. He even took good care of her, provided her money and accommodation, even made her his mistress. I was puzzled and infuriated through the increasing desire of the relationship. Nonetheless, he showed some morals by ending it. I’m not sure how to perceive this circumstance: disappointment or relief. At least he showed affection towards her, unlike the rest, who were inconsiderate and as cold as ice. My throat tightened. My mouth was opening and closing multiple times but no words came out. I was once again being egotistical, only focusing on our engagement. Regardless of the annoyance spiraling about my father talking about his business, I couldn’t resist but feel thrilled about it. It was a selfish idea, expressing no awareness for his feelings. If I showed more love and care towards him, he wouldn’t have done this to me. Nonetheless, I can understand why he was trying to help her, but he shouldn’t have done it behind my back.

Eric was accused for pressuring Eva Smith to let him into her lodging, and got her pregnant. Also, he stole money from father’s business and gave it to her. Even though he was immoral, at least he feels guilty. I sighed with a combination of fulfilment and comfort. Eva Smith worked at my father’s factory. He sacked her because she was the leader of a group asking for higher pay. However, these girls are humans and shouldn’t only be paid a small amount for working exceedingly hard. Nevertheless, my father is in charge of the business, and he has the right to be stubborn. I looked at him with exasperation as much as hopelessness. Furthermore, Eva Smith went to my mother’s charity, but my mother rejected her. The girl was in desperate need of support. She could have prevented her from committing suicide. My mother mentioned that charities can’t help everyone, they are allowed to reject some. Although I understand, she could have refused her in a mannered way. Her insensitive attitudes was witnessed and it is her responsibility to stand up to it.

When we found out that that there was no girl who died of drinking disinfectant and no Inspector Goole, my father’s and mother’s expressions quickly changed from anxiety to delightment. The discussions resumes, but the unpleasantly hostile atmosphere stays. I was fully disgusted at their failure to become compassionate. This shows a lot about their beliefs and personality, which is that they don’t care about human life, they only care about their reputation, father’s business and knighthood. Misery was written all over my face. My rage, pain, and dejection choked me. However, Eric and I believe that it doesn’t matter if the girl or inspector exists or not, we all have done something that is morally incorrect, and we should stand up to our actions and not escape. It was a relief that there was at least one other person that approves my view.

The inspector gave me a mysterious impression. When he left the house, and we discovered that he didn’t exist, a blank look dashed across my face. Despite the fact that he ruined our family’s connection, I am grateful for his presence. His character inspired me to know what’s best for the family. I would rather everyone face the truth, than living in a house full of obliviousness and damaging human existence. My family uses their privilege and reputation to their advantage and become self-centred. At the toast, when we were supposed to celebrate the engagement between Gerald and I, my father only communicated about how his business could work with Gerald’s father’s company, and boasting about his knighthood. I had to force my frustration away to prevent my eyes from becoming flaring amber. My father destroyed the happiness for me.

In the future, the relationship between our family is going to be torn apart even more. It already is at a situation where it is going to be hard to fix. The whole point for the inspector to come is that we realise our mistakes. My parents don’t get the message. Repentance is the best method to solve this situation. Even though my parents don’t feel responsible for Eva Smith’s death, I predict that this inspector will come back. He is going to make them feel guilty and show respect towards Eva Smith. At least that is what I hope to happen. Why aren’t they able to agree with Eric and I?

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