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I’m working on a other writing question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Hi, I have to these questions.

THIS CAN HELP FOR QUESTION 1- How are gender identities in their diversity formed, represented and lived in our private, professional and public interactions? Exploring debates about how we see, are seen, or not seen as gendered, we analyse the places, authorities and knowledges linking sex/gender relations to power and social justice. We observe sex/gender in the context of media, family, relationships, work, violence, sport and the sex industry. We ask how our rights, responsibilities and roles in society are gendered, sexualised and racialised to the extent that they influence changing patterns of living together more justly and freely. Materials include readings, media images, legal and policy documents, film clips and documentaries. We address the Global Citizenship essential, entailing a deep appreciation of living in an interconnected world; we recognise the global context in which concepts act across cultures and boundaries encountered when working with diverse communities – now and in the future.- (•How would you write a blurb so that it spoke to someone who may not have heard of this area study, as well as someone who has? Make it simple and punchy, cutting to the heart of what this major is about.

QUESTION TWO- •Read through Caplan and Caplan. Look up ‘biological determinism’ in Encyclopedia of Gender and Society and Democracy in Difference. Pair key concept with one of following for illustrations: race/racism, disability studies, gsd studies, sex/gender, trans studies, LGBTIQ studies, queer theory.

QUESTION THREE- •Look up gender, sex/gender distinction in Democracy in Difference, or Encyclopaedia of Gender and Society. Alongside this, read key concept of performativity and essentialism/social construction.

QUESTION FOUR- •Look up key concept in Democracy in Difference. Look at conversation, ‘Intersectionality, resistance and history making’ on these lands here. here is site: http://www.auswhn.org.au/blog/intersectionality-hi…

Other Homework Help

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