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Other Homework Help. SEX, Gender and Identity questions

I’m working on a other writing question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Hi, I have to these questions.

THIS CAN HELP FOR QUESTION 1- How are gender identities in their diversity formed, represented and lived in our private, professional and public interactions? Exploring debates about how we see, are seen, or not seen as gendered, we analyse the places, authorities and knowledges linking sex/gender relations to power and social justice. We observe sex/gender in the context of media, family, relationships, work, violence, sport and the sex industry. We ask how our rights, responsibilities and roles in society are gendered, sexualised and racialised to the extent that they influence changing patterns of living together more justly and freely. Materials include readings, media images, legal and policy documents, film clips and documentaries. We address the Global Citizenship essential, entailing a deep appreciation of living in an interconnected world; we recognise the global context in which concepts act across cultures and boundaries encountered when working with diverse communities – now and in the future.- (•How would you write a blurb so that it spoke to someone who may not have heard of this area study, as well as someone who has? Make it simple and punchy, cutting to the heart of what this major is about.

QUESTION TWO- •Read through Caplan and Caplan. Look up ‘biological determinism’ in Encyclopedia of Gender and Society and Democracy in Difference. Pair key concept with one of following for illustrations: race/racism, disability studies, gsd studies, sex/gender, trans studies, LGBTIQ studies, queer theory.

QUESTION THREE- •Look up gender, sex/gender distinction in Democracy in Difference, or Encyclopaedia of Gender and Society. Alongside this, read key concept of performativity and essentialism/social construction.

QUESTION FOUR- •Look up key concept in Democracy in Difference. Look at conversation, ‘Intersectionality, resistance and history making’ on these lands here. here is site: http://www.auswhn.org.au/blog/intersectionality-hi…

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Other Homework Help. conduct qualitative analyses, submit a completed workbook and analysis


I need help in conducting a qualitative analyses, and I would need the completed workbook and analysis. (EXCEL)

CBR 600 9042 Communicating, Problem Solving and Leading in Cybersecurity (2212)

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Other Homework Help. Personal Statement for Master’s in Public Health program and also job applications

i need two versions of one personal statement for my admission to the master’s in public health program at kent state university and also for job application! I have attached two templates that you could also use for ideas if needed!

i will provide some information about me but please go ahead and ask me questions in order to know what to write to make this letter perfect!

Some info about me: i am an international students from Iran but i lived in Dubai my whole life and i moved here to the states alone when i was 18 from Dubai. I had no family or friends here and had to do everything the hard way because of my nationality and not knowing anything about this place and facings racism on a daily basis! The trump sanctions literally broke our back financially too along my depression and anxiety that i had being alone here with all the pressure on me! I am really glad though that i got to experience these things because it made me who i am now and i still graduated with great degree and gpa even though i had all these problems. I know so much more compared to another 24 year old or another student because i have done all of this on my own, i have travelled to 20 more countries around the world and speak 3 languages.

Please ask me more questions about me to use in the personal statement!

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Other Homework Help. literature review

This week, you will submit your Literature Review Chapter. The Literature Review Chapter describes previous research, perspectives, actions, or theoretical frameworks related to the study. This section reviews the literature to establish the body of knowledge on which the study is based and from which it derives its intellectual moorings. The purpose of the review is to ground the study in the theoretical and conceptual frameworks underlying the problem. The discussion includes the status of knowledge on the problem, and notes gaps due to methodological difficulties, lack of studies, or inconclusive results.

The review critically assesses the major contributions of prior research related to the problem and integrates these into a coherent whole. Typically, the literature framing a problem can be divided into domains of inquiry related to the problem. Each domain reads like an essay on that topic. The conclusion pulls together the domains and indicates their relationship to the problem.

The review may use both primary and secondary sources. Although secondary sources may be used as starting points; they must be critical, not merely descriptive, by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of existing knowledge; and must be integrative, not iterative, by synthesizing knowledge into a cohort whole.

For this assignment, you must have a total of at least 10 citations/unique recent (last five years) sources for academic journal articles. You will add to the literature review that you submitted last week. While you may use other sources for background and context, you must have at least 10 recent (last five years) academic journal articles that you review for this chapter.

Please begin thinking about the data that would be collected for this study.

Please submit your work in accordance with the APA style guide

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Other Homework Help. Tableau project

I’m trying to create a dashboard of couple sheets that include a map and charts using excel files . I’ll change the price if I find the person who knows exactly

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Other Homework Help. Managing for the Triple Bottom Line ou work as a Sustainability Analyst for the Consulting firm

You work as a Sustainability Analyst for the
Consulting firm. As part of your new job assignment, you need to compare two
concrete products of two different brands of your choice by conducting
in-depth research. Decide which of the two products is the more sustainable
one by ranking both products on a scale between 0 (highly unsustainable) and
10 (highly restorative). Based on your
research, prepare a 1-Page Report (Word) and 1-PPT Slide (Summary).


As an example, in the following analysis we focus on the cotton production, the labor conditions in factories, washing and drying, and how shirt quality and fashion aspects influence the end-of-life impact of the shirt.


T-shirt 1:- “Simple Store Brand Shirt”

T-Shirt 2: “Brand Name Good Shirt”:

Cotton production

Chemical-intensive monoculture cotton production.

Organic cotton production, with reduced environmental impact, especially in the use of chemical pesticides.

Labor conditions

Frequently-changing supplier factories with choice based on currently lowest price. No control of work conditions.

Long-run supplier relationship with high and frequently controlled labor standards (International Labor Organization and Great Place to work)

Price, margin, revenues

Cheapest price in the market, little margin, high revenues through high sales volume.

Same price as other external brand name shirts; higher costs of organic and responsible production is offset by lower design and marketing cost. A high margin is achieved and revenues are less than in T-shirt 1due to smaller overall sales volume.

Washing and drying

Highly negative water and CO2 impact through standard washing and tumble drying.

T-shirt has a “tumble drying fuse” (does not allow to tumble dry) and is made of a special quick air dry cotton fabric; with the standard washing instructions, sewn to the shirt comes website information with tips and tricks for reducing the impact of shirt washing and drying.

Quality and fashion

Often-changing trendy designs and low shirt quality, designed for planned obsolescence 6 months to 1 year periods.

Timeless design and high material quality so that T-Shirt can be used more than five times as long as the standard shirt.




The table form of comparison chosen here is just one out of many potential formats of analysis. We have chosen fictional, but realistic products here which might be an alternative to comparing real products. For more advanced students, the task can be to further specify each impact and research the quantified magnitudes.

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