Designing Final

Brainstorm ideas for your final project. You may use your current employer, a former employer or an organization you would like to research for this project.  Identify a problem that exists within the organization or an idea that you would like to see implemented that will require organizational change. 

Begin creating your rough draft of your final paper using the following:

1. Company Overview (Company name and other information that will be important to the reader of your final report). Include the organization structure and company culture in this section.

2. The Current Leader’s traits/style.

3. Problem Statement. What problem or idea will you attempt to solve or address?

4. Outline the organization’s current culture and identify areas to improve. Express the preferred organizational culture as a result of the change process. 

4.  Identify the key leadership qualities that your organization will need in leading the company in change.

5. What are some of the options for dealing with this problem or idea?

6. Recommendations – What recommendations do you propose to deal with this idea or problem? How should the organization’s leaders lead the change process?

7. Implementation Plan – How the proposed change will be implemented

8. Conclusion

Create a Literature Review List of 5 to 10 scholarly resources you will use for your report. The list must be in APA format. 

Remember: All writing must be supported by academic literature and will be in APA format during this course. You must cite each and every sentence in which you used materials from your academic literature. Your work will be checked for academic integrity by the Turnitin system. For a great breakdown of academic literature, please visit:

You will provide a total of 3 full pages from Steps 1 and 2 above. Support your work with academic literature in the form of APA formatted cites and references. 

Upload your 3-page assignment using one Word file

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Share Your Peer Reviewed Study (Follow the guided)

 Guided Response: Respond to at least two peers. In your replies, take on the role of a teacher listening to the presentation. Ask questions about your peer’s action research study and offer an additional resource for consideration that supports an alternative viewpoint.  


Article title: Nevin, A., Hood, A., & Arizona State Univ.-West, P. (2002). Improving the Learning Outcomes of Preschool-Grade 12 Students with Disabilities through Collaborative Action Research and Data Based Instruction.

The purpose of this article is to hear from teachers in what methods worked in their classrooms for students with disabilities. This article is about data-based instruction and collaborative actions that help improve behaviors of children preschool to the twelfth grade. discusses collaborative action research and the teacher reflected on strategies that worked in her special needs classroom

The article discusses motivations to curve behaviors and incentives that worked. It also talked about how the classroom setting helped with behaviors. This article also gave a good description of the disabilities and behaviors the teachers were seeing in the classroom, identified the problems the teachers wanted to solve, identified the steps they used to correct those issues and how each strategy worked.

The outcome of the research was that behaviors can be reduced and modified using appropriate techniques and strategies in the classroom. It also found that these techniques were similar for children without disabilities. If I were to do a modification of this study, I would use less teachers and include classrooms of children with out disabilities.  Would choose the techniques the teachers would use and do a comparison.

This study is important for practitioners to read because there is a lot of reflection in this study. This study also uses teachers of varied years of experience. This study also spanned over time, so it discussed the progress of the students over time.

Reflection of week 3 assignment:

Week three assignment was a redesign of a lesson plan with added assessments embedded throughout the lesson plan. This assignment was useful because is showed the importance of assessment and how to add it through out the lesson to get the best impact out of a lesson. The modification of this lesson plan caused me to think about how I can enhance a lesson using assessment. The assessment I use through out the lesson can help me to gather information about the students.

Link to portfolio


Describe the purpose of the study by writing a statement that completes the following sentence, “The purpose of this study was to…” (two to three sentences).

The purpose of this study was to show how having a safe learning environment can positively affect a classroom. This study took factors such as biases, demographic, and teacher influence and showed how each part plays a role in keeping the environment safe. This was also an opportunity to share adjustments that need to be made in the classroom in order to create a safe environment.

Post the research question(s) – Include definitions of key technical terms, if necessary (one to three sentences).

How do teachers create a safe learning environment?

What factors contribute to a safe learning environment?

Outcomes/Results or the “so what?” of the study – Answers to the research questions. (three to four sentences)

For teachers, characteristics such as being approachable, having a nonjudgmental demeanor, and being supportive were qualities that the students in this study highly valued. It gave teachers a chance to reflect on their previous practices and interactions with their students. How a teacher chooses to respond can affect whether the classroom environment gets better or worse.

Assuming you would conduct another cycle of this study, what specific modifications or adjustments would you make, and why? (three to four sentences)

For this study I would add two modifications. The first one would be including how peer to peer interactions affect the learning environment. I would also discuss how this has led to deeper tragedies in the classroom over the years. I would also highlight some examples of positive change due to peer interactions.

Explain why this study is important for teachers and other educational practitioners to read about. (two to three sentences)

This study is important because unfortunately, many students have been affected by negative influences both in and outside of the classroom. It is important to recognize the signs of a classroom that is suffering emotionally in order to make changes. Through self-reflection and observations, teachers will be able to better serve where there is a need for change.

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Marketing Plan-Revision of Marketing Mix (company is tonyschocolonely)

Product • Discuss the company’s product – is it an existing product or innovation? If it is an innovation talk, about the newness of your innovation (e.g., continuous vs. discontinuous). • Identify the company’s product’s stage in the product life cycle. – What type of shape does this particular product have (e.g., high-learning, low-learning, etc.)? • Discuss how the stage and shape of this particular PLC may impact other components of the marketing mix (i.e., price, promotion, and placement). • Discuss how you propose to modify the company’s product or service to meet and satisfy the needs and/or wants of the (new) target market. • Discuss whether the company’s product/service is high in search, experience, and/or credence properties and why this matters for redeveloping the value proposition. • How would you (not) use the current brand for redeveloping or designing the company’s product? Price • Discuss the current pricing strategy for the company’s product(s). • Outline your recommendations for keeping or modifying the pricing strategy for repositioning your product for your selected target market. Explain your reasoning for this approach. • Discuss how your proposed pricing strategy for the new target market impacts or supports the company’s overall organizational and branding efforts. Place (Distribution) • Discuss the distribution intensity your client company currently uses and whether you would modify this strategy for the selected target market. • Discuss the role(s) your client company generally plays in a marketing channel (e.g., wholesaler or retailer; store vs. non-store). Discuss why and how you would (not) adjust the company’s current marketing channel to reach the selected target market. • Discuss the company’s online distribution and whether changes need to be made for the selected target market. • Discuss how this distribution approach aligns with the rest of your efforts. Page 4 of 4 Promotion • Based on the current PLC, and (re)positioning statement(s), determine message content for the target market. Create a bulleted list of appropriate goals such as ‘to inform’ or ‘to persuade’. Briefly describe how this proposed message content connects to the wants/needs of the target market. • Recommend a type of appeal (e.g., fear, humor) and develop a slogan. • Determine the physical elements of continuity: same logo, use of same colors, use of fonts, etc. to achieve a more identifiable campaign to support an integrated marketing communication (IMC). • Recommend a media selection for advertising, based on actual research of your targeted market. Briefly describe how these choices would help the company achieve the identified marketing objectives. Create a table that shows approximate costs for your selections with sources cited. • Develop an IMC campaign that helps to meet your objectives and support your current brand. o Develop two visual samples of advertising (using different forms of media such as print, video, radio). Make sure to include the message content you describe above and whatever elements that provide physical continuity as required for IMC. With each, include a bulleted list describing how and why it works. o Develop one sales promotion that is appropriate for your product and include relevant pieces in an appendix (end of your report). With it, include a bulleted list describing how and why it works. o Develop one combined social media and publicity activity, which includes the use of at least one online social network as well as a publicity event. Provide details about the campaign along with a bulleted list describing how and why it works

background information

SWOT Analysis


-Tony’s Chocolonely deeply cares about their employees because they think they are the most important group in the company. They have awesome core working practices like free running shoes and a minimum of 28 days of vacation. They are, “crazy about chocolate, serious about people” (de Morre, 2019). 

-Their packaging and the way they divided their chocolate bars is extremely unique and it has an actual purpose. Their unequally divided chocolate bars represent the unfair division of profits in the industry (, 2019). Customers are forced to look at this interesting detail before eating their bars and that is how they are introduced to Tony’s mission. 

– TC provides pictures of each employee on their website so that way you know exactly who you are talking to on the phone. This provides for more personal experience (, 2019). 

– They are constantly coming out with new and unique flavors to satisfy their customer’s needs and stay on-trend. In addition, they provide different sized bars to fit everyone’s needs (, 2019).


-The company lacks a bigger presence in the United States. They currently only have 7 employees in all the US and they are all located in Oregon. On the other hand, they have 70 that work in Amsterdam. If they want to grow their presence here in the States they are going to have to expand their team. They need more people working locally if they are planning on having an increase in demand and market (, 2019).

-They ship only within the continental US; they do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii (, 2019). This causes a weakness because other companies are winning over the market in these areas since TC isn’t providing to them. 

-TC is more expensive than regular chocolate. A 6.35 oz bar will cost $5.49 and a 7 oz Hershey’s bar cost 2.13 (, 2019). 



-Consumers are becoming more aware of what they buy and put in their bodies. They want companies that not only create pretty and tasty things but also stand for something positive. TC is not only delicious but their company stands for a good cause as well (, 2019). These things matter to a modern-day consumer. 


– Other brands are already currently dominating the market here in the US. For example, Hershey, Nestle, Ghirardelli. In 2017 the top three chocolate brands in the US were, Hershey, Mars, Lindt/Ghiradelli/R. Stover, and Nestle (, 2019). It can be very hard to disrupt brand loyalty so it will be tricky to find customers that are willing to switch over from their trusted chocolate brands. 

– Organic brands are also seen as a competitor for TC. According to, the top four best organic chocolate bars in 2018 were Pascha Chocolate, Chocolove, Alter Eco, and Taza Chocolate. The list goes on until number ten and each company offers some type of impact on the planet (Huber, 2018). This could pose a big threat to TC because it shows them that they are not the only chocolate company that is having a positive impact. 

Choose from there critical issues for the company

  • Issue: Size of the US TC team right now. There are only seven employees in all the US and that could cause major problems for them once they start to expand. 
    • Objective: Recruit a medium-sized team so that they can keep up with different arising tasks 
  • Issue: No positive word of mouth 
    • Objective: Find a source of advertising that doesn’t cost them money but will still effectively spread the word 
  • Issue: The massive competitive market (Nestle, Hershey’s, HU Kitchen, and other “organic” brands)
    • Objective: Spreading their mission statement. Especially the idea that there are slavery and child slavery within the chocolate industry. Get shelf space next to check outlines instead of just having it in the back of the grocery store.  
    • Objective: Put the Small (1.8 oz) bars in gas stations, and in airport convenience stores next to check outlines. Put bigger bars next to the regular baking section/chocolate 
      • “it’s easier to subtly suggest making small, impulse purchases once a shopper stands at a checkout counter ready to make a purchase. And the numbers back that up: 40% of people admit to spending more money than they planned when shopping in stores.” (Shopify)
      • “Nearly 8 in 10 (79 percent) made most of their impulse purchases in a store.” (Credit Cards)

Identify relevant segments in the market and specify one on which TC should focus on (targeting)

  • B2B – companies that don’t directly manufacture chocolate but still use it as an ingredient in their stuff. (TC could do a collab with other desert brands)
  • B2C – 25-40, upper-middle-class, socially conscious 

Get Numbers- US census

Propose the three SMART goals, i.e. objectives you believe (as an external consulting team) that the company should try to achieve in a future time period (e.g., in 2020). 

  • In 2020, we will increase the market share to 10% in the US. In addition, we want to see a 16% revenue growth in US dollars. 
  • We will grow brand recognition in the US by selling the product in more stores and buying better shelf space (social media following increase by 30% in 2020)
  • We will keep working hard on spreading our mission statement more than the idea that we sell chocolate. In 2020, we will purchase at least 6,000 metric ton (MT) traceable beans from our five partner cooperatives with Tony’s premium. We want at least 4,200 farmers to benefit directly from our Tony’s premium.
  • In order to improve the product recognition and sales, we will be cooperating with at least 10% of convenience stores and gas stations (about 16960 stores) to sell small bars next to their cash register in 2020.

Positioning (or Repositioning) Map & Statement for the Selected Target Market 





For our revenue in Euros 3,774,233, which is just under 7% of our total sales. 

Strategic Direction Based on the SWOT analysis and segmentation, recommend a strategic direction, using diversification analysis (the Ansoff matrix). Provide support for your decision (to modify the product and/or market) from the SWOT analysis, critical issues, marketing objectives, and segmentation.

We propose Tony’s Chocolonely sells their chocolate through a Business to Business method, instead of a Business to Consumer method.  Because of their desire for zero-cost advertising,  we believe Tony’s Chocolonely should be selling to larger companies to get their name in the Market.  With this, they would also have to alter their main products, to satisfy the needs of the companies they want to sell to.  If Tony’s looks to expand with larger companies, by putting their chocolate in a larger product, then they will be much more successful, then simply putting their chocolate into a limited amount of places.  

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Compare and contrast hardware and virtual firewalls. Provide a scenario to best use each.

Course: Telecommunication and Network Security

* 500 Words with References and Citations.

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Informative Report – Draft

Assignment 4: “Informative Report – Draft”

Choose a familiar household appliance (e.g., vacuum, toaster, hair dryer).

Write a one to two (1-2) page mechanism description (written in your own words) telling an audience of fifth graders in a science class how the appliance works. The document must include:

a. Headingsb. At least one graphicc. A logical spatial order

In your document, you should:

  1. Ensure the document is clear and brief.
  2. Exercise logic in your design, including placement of headers and graphics.
  3. Use appropriate language for the audience and purpose.
  4. Follow the steps identified in the textbook.
  5. Cite source(s), including any graphics.
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MGT150 Week 5

During the next four weeks, we will work on creating a summary report that features the management operations of Camp Bow Wow. Over the past four weeks we have been covering information related to planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, so the summary report will offer a good method to demonstrate your knowledge of these concepts.

Camp Bow Wow is a dog boarding and grooming franchise with over 150 units in the U.S. and Canada that generated more than $100 million in revenue in 2017. Camp Bow Wow generates revenue through the boarding, daycare, feeding and full-service grooming, training, and in-home pet care services. Camp Bow Wow has developed an evolved business model that provides structure and supervision for dogs, while providing them the freedom and running room to be their joyful selves. (Source

One of the key elements of Camp Bow Wow’s success is by being innovative and having multiple ways to generate income. Off-leash dog parks have become very popular in many communities. Some off-leash dog parks are free, while others charge a membership fee. For this assignment, you are taking on the role of a Camp Bow Wow General Manager, and have been asked by the franchise owner, Susan Bell, to explore the idea of developing a Camp Bow Wow Dog Park. Adjacent to Susan’s Camp Bow Wow Location, she also owns a 10-acre vacant lot that is zoned correctly for a dog park.

Susan is considering forming a task force and is asking for your opinion on the dog park idea. You love the idea and have offered to lead and create a team to generate a summary report. You are wanting to advance in the company and you understand that Susan is a hands-on owner; so you are prepared to give her lots of detail on about how you will meet this challenge.

This week’s assignment will be to submit the first section of the summary report that includes; how you will plan, organize, lead, and control the formation of this taskforce of 5 employees of your choosing, and how you will effectively communicate with the taskforce team members as well as your boss, Susan Bell.

Camp Bow Wow Employees that are available

·  Lucy – Assistant Office Manager – 6 years at Camp Bow Wow – 

·  Van – Dog Boarding Supervisor – 5 years at Camp Bow Wow – 

·  Linus – Dog Groomer / Kennel Operations – 1 years at Camp Bow Wow – 

·  Schroder – Pet Care Specialist – 4 years at Camp Bow Wow – Pet First Aid & CPR Certified Staff

·  Patty – Dog Trainer – 4 years at Camp Bow Wow –  Pet First Aid & CPR Certified Staff

·  Sally – Kennel Specialist – 3 years at Camp Bow Wow – 

·  Franklin – Customer Service – 3 years at Camp Bow Wow – Previous worked at a veterinary clinic

·  Violet – Customer Service – 2 years at Camp Bow Wow – Has a degree in landscape architect

·  Marcie – Customer Service – 3 years at Camp Bow Wow – 

·  Charles – Customer Service – 4 years at Camp Bow Wow – 

·  Shermy – Customer Service – 1 years at Camp Bow Wow – 

·  Frieda – Customer Service – 10 years at Camp Bow Wow – 

·  Penny – Customer Service – 3 years at Camp Bow Wow – 

·  Eudora – Customer Service – 1 years at Camp Bow Wow – 

To get started, you have decided to send Susan an email to let her know that you would like to volunteer to lead this project. Your first task of this project is to complete the missing sections of this email (select link to download template).

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