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e. Brand’s global marketing communication strategy (how does its marketing communication strategy stand at the continium of standardization versus adaptation?)
f. Who are the target audiences of the brand (their demographic, psychographic, behavioral characteristics)
g. Brand positioning (what is the main promise, benefit, advantage that brand uses to appeal to its target audiences)
h. Global advertising strategy or tactics if any (such as celebrity endorsement, sports marketing, sponsorships, special event, merchandising, catalog sales…)
2) Background information about the country and its culture you have chosen
a. Some descriptive information about the country (the place in world map, the population, climate, spoken languages, famous people, famous products exported abroad from that country…)
b. Typical characteristic (values, customs, dater, events, traditions, life styles, beliefs…) of the culture in the country (as detailly as you can search)
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