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Associate justice of the Supreme Court Amy Coney Barrett and her views on women’s
Amy Barrett was nominated by President Trump to take the seat of former Supreme
Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Unlike former justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who was known
for fighting for democracy and especially women’s rights, Amy Barrett has totally opposite
views. Amy Barrett political views are not usually what someone would expect from a woman,
especially a woman in America. Her political views on women’s rights are not really going to
help the women in America. She is going to be a very big threat to women’s rights and the laws
that will be made in the soon future. Being that she is not a big fan of what regular feminism is,
she will do all that she can to stop most feminist parties, protests, and supporters from moving
forward after she becomes an official justice. Living in a time where there is much pressure on
women where they are trying to work but also trying to keep their family members, during this
scary and terrifying time. The nomination of Amy Barrett is going to be a hard one for many
women because Barrett is a supporter of removing health care and also removing many of the
rights that women currently have and have had for the past decades. When the news was
announced that President Trump had picked Amy Barrett as his nominee, Republicans looked at
Barrett as a “woman” so that it can seem that this nomination is fair and that she will be a great
help to the woman of this country. However, most people know that that is not the case because
there were multiple times where Barrett was asked about abortion and birth control and she did
not give an answer. Roe v Wade is now on the line with Barret being a justice because President
Trump stated before that he is going to appoint justices that he knows are going to overturn Roe
V Wade. However not only is this decision at risk, but also many things including childcare,
equal pay, and many more. It is important to talk about this subject because not only is Barrett
going to affect the future of women, but she will also have a major effect on the young women
that will have to grow up learning about her political views. it is a shock to many people to see
that a woman herself is against the idea that women should be able to do whatever they want
with their body and decide what happens to them. Even though women are treated about the
same as the men in this country, the nomination of Amy Barrett is going to ruin that and make it
even harder for women to have their own opinions anymore. It is already hard enough for a
woman to be able to speak their voice and fight for their rights. With a woman on the Supreme
Court Justice that is against most women rights and wants to change many things, it is going to
be almost impossible for a woman to even try to speak their voice and fight for equality
● 2,500 words or more not including headers and citations.
● Fully formatted bibliography. You may use any recognized format such as MLA, APA,
Chicago, etc. but incomplete citations like a pasted URL with no other details will be a
point deduction.
● Reference page, no less than 6 credible sources (not included in the 2,500 words).
● Written for peers and scholars. You do not need to define terms, unless they are very
unusual or specific and central to your paper. You should not spend much time on
history; just give enough to set the scene and then get to your own thoughts.
● Paper must be analytical and persuasive
ANALYTICAL: Your paper should carefully evaluate your diverse, credible sources to
synthesize a clear theme.
These are some questions that might help you ensure your analysis is comprehensive:
● Do all the sources agree about this topic? If not, why do they see things differently?
● Why does the topic matter to my peers, or to anyone interested in American
● What happened that led up to what the sources say about the topic? (Again, do not spend
too much time on history! Give just enough so the audience sees what caused the
PERSUASIVE: Your paper should take a stance and gently convince readers to see things your
way. These questions may assist you in being persuasive:
● Do the facts back up my stance? Do those facts speak for themselves, or do I need to
interpret them and spell out how they impact my readers?
● Have I recognized sources that oppose my view? Do I address why they are different, but
why am I the most correct?
● Is it clear what will happen if readers do not take my advice or viewpoint?

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