In contrast, the GAD approach

In contrast, the GAD approach considers the implications
that such a development project may have on household relationships. It may
lead to potential gender conflicts, as women have to juggle their new
productive roles with other domestic reproductive work; when women gain greater
access to financial resources, this can lead to difficulties within the
household. For example, it has been found that in some cases women’s access to
credit does not increase their control over economic activities and the credit
is used for activities controlled by men (Pearson 2000). The women may just end
up having the responsibility of paying back the money, which means that it may
actually increase women’s dependence on men because of their responsibility for
additional debts and the burden of repayment. It may affect the quality of relations
between spouses because, as women gain more financial authority and increased
assertiveness, this can in some cases lead to increased domestic violence if
the husband feels threatened.

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