Franklin D. Roosevelt was one

Franklin D. Roosevelt was one of the most popular and
longest-serving presidents in the USA, serving an historic four terms as
elected president from 1933 to 1945, steering the USA out of the Great
Depression and leading the country through the Second World War. In his
inaugural address he coined the phrase ‘We have nothing to fear but fear
itself’. In 1921 he contracted poliomyelitis and thereafter was unable to walk
unaided. He consciously downplayed his impairments when running for office,
never allowing the public to see him being lifted into his wheelchair. He
deliberately walked the 35 steps to the podium to deliver his inaugural address
instead of using his wheelchair. Many biographers have portrayed him as a
‘disabled hero’ and a role model for disabled Americans because of his
political achievements. John Duffy argues that Roosevelt manipulated his public
image and portrayed himself as someone who was ‘sick’ rather than ‘disabled’:

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