Duane wanted to start a limo s

Duane wanted to start a limo service and already had a name picked out, Amore Limos. While many limos offered bar service, he decided to also provide appropriate snacks – pate, caviar and other high-class nibbles. He figured he’d be good at this as he had been the manager of a limo services in another state and had once even owned an auto repair shop. He took a class at the local university and worked with the mentors in the university’s SCORE office, where they were able to help him write his business plan, his budget and helped him secure the money he needed to get going. He had looked at the demographics in the area and found a large and growing number of teenagers with an above average income. “Perfect for proms, weddings and the like!” he thought. He was able to get a verbal commitment for two area wedding planners to be the limo service they’d provide their brides-to-be. Said Evonne, one of the planners, “Duane really had his act together and proved to me that I could trust him to never let my brides down.”

Which of the different tools recommended to make a small business more successful has Duane used?

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