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Article Writing Homework Help. I need some assistance with these assignment. job application letter Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. job application letter Thank you in advance for the help! Address June 21th, Human Resources Dept. Address Dear Sir: I am interested in applying for the Financial Analyst position that was advertizedon your website on June 6, 2012. While working as an intern for Masdar, I got the opportunity to learn making processed payments through Oracle in the week that I spent in the Finance and Accounting Department at Masdar. I acquired the eligibility for this internship through my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the Ohio State University as well as my involvement in such student projects as the tracking and analysis of the Microsoft stock for one quarter. Some of the courses that I have taken during my Bachelor’s course include Business Skills and Environment, Introduction to Corporate Finance, Investment Management, International Finance, and Risk and Insurance Management.

I am qualified in the use of a wide range of softwares and computer programs including MS Power Point, MS Word, MS Excel. I also have an introductory knowledge of the Financial Ratio Analysis Software. During my internship at Masdar, I have been exposed to the Investment Lifecycle Management that acquainted me with the skills of tracking and preparing an investment Due Diligence with the team under the office of the CEO. This experience not only inculcated the necessary knowledge of the design and management of investment, but also provided me with an opportunity to work as part of a team so that I attain the teamwork skills required to excel in a culturally diverse and dynamic workplace.

I have been a distinguished student throughout my academic career. This reflects in my GPA which is 3.732, as well as the fact that I received the Distinguished Students Scholarship, by the Scholarship Office- SCO (Abu Dhabi), and the USA-Phi Sigma Theta National Honor Society.

In addition to my technical capabilities, I also have myriad of skills that make me an excellent professional. One of my most weighty skills is knowledge of multiple languages. I can communicate both verbally and textually in English, and Arabic, though I also understand French. During the three weeks that I spent as an intern at Masdar, I happened to communicate with coworkers belonging to different ethnicities. Having worked in such a diverse work environment, my confidence that I can adjust well in a challenging environment increased manifolds. Besides, I have also taken a course of Technical Communications at the Ohio State University. I have a strong knowledge of work ethics which enables me to optimize on my potential to deliver my best both as an individual and as part of a team. I am very particular about meeting the deadlines. I plan things well in advance so that everything goes according to the schedule and I deliver the work on time. My goal in any task is nothing less than perfection, and I go an extra mile to achieve it if need be.

The experiences I have gained in my academic career as well as in my private and social life have prepared me well to deliver my best as a Financial Analyst. Given an opportunity to intern for you, I can prove my skills. You can see my resume enclosed with this letter, and may contact me by email at or by cell at XXXXXX to call me for an interview.

Article Writing Homework Help

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