You are the project manager fo

You are the project manager for a team of 25 people assigned to upgrade all 250 workstations in the company to the Windows Vista operating system. Stacy, a new hire in the procurement department, has been assigned to your project. During a recent team meeting, you mention to Stacy that your group is doing a phased roll-out and that you will need pricing from Microsoft on the 250 new copies of Vista that you’ll need. Two weeks later, you receive a phone call from the receiving department that several large boxes containing Vista just arrived, and they need to know what to do with them. This is not what you had in mind, and it creates several issues. The project team needed only one copy of the media, which they were going to install on the server and push out to all the networked computers. Also, the project budget was set up for a purchase but not for several months as the team is preparing to image all the current computers and understand the software requirements for each. What type of communication techniques should have been used to avoid this situation? Explain.

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