WID sees this as an effective

WID sees this as an effective strategy for empowering women
as it enables them to improve their productive economic activities (Pearson
2000). Most borrowers of the Grameen Bank are women, and this raises their
involvement in income-generation, which in turn increases their status within
families and communities. Women are regularly found to be more reliable as
borrowers, as they are more likely to pay back the money and are more prompt
with their repayments than men (Kabeer 2001). Furthermore, women are more
likely to spend money on the general welfare of the family, especially on
children (Kabeer 1994). As Pearson (2000) points out, this WID position focuses
on targeting resources at women as a way of improving poor people’s
livelihoods, but the problem with such an analysis is that it ignores wider
gender relations.

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