Using the list of value and co

Using the list of value and cost benefits in your text, see if you can identify which one(s) each of the following entrepreneurs have:

a. Alma knows the name of everyone of her customers and uses it immediately when they walk into her accounting office.

b. Michael’s painting company has established an excellent reputation in the Upland, California area and since he operates from his home, his costs are low.

c. Alco’s Discount Store purchases products by the truckload so as to pass along savings to its customers and is conveniently located next to the grocery store.

d. Ardell’s Appliances delivers and install each appliance within 24 hours and guarantees them for a full year beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

e. Now that Don has made several dozen bookcases, he has figured out the most effective and efficient way of building them but yet maintaining the artistry and quality of each piece.

f. JoAnn’s website allows customers to order craft supplies from a large number of companies and pay by credit card on their secure site.

g. Purchasing a membership in Elmer’s Environmentalists not only means you can spend time with other environmentally conscious people, but you know that a portion of your membership dues goes towards cleaning up beaches around the country.

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