Using the information about Bu

Using the information about Bumper Cars, Ltd., along with your knowledge, either agree or disagree with the various solutions that the company’s employees suggest. Discuss what you feel is the best solution for the company’s inventory problem.

In 1983, Mr. Amusement created Bumper Cars, Ltd., a company whose main concern was the manufacture and repair of the exterior shells of bumper cars used in amusement parks. Although the company functioned on a small scale for a few years, it has recently expanded to some new areas, including larger-scale amusement parks like Coney Island. Despite the recent increase in business, Bumper Cars still operates as a small company with limited techno1o’ invested in computer systems. Many departments run totally manual systems. Because of the expansion, however, Mr. Amusement has taken a serious look at the setup of his company and determined that some problems exist. The most pressing problem is in the area of inventory management and control.

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