The left column lists the titl

The left column lists the titles of documents and accounts used in job order cost accounting. The right column presents short descriptions of the purposes of the documents. Match each document in the left column to its numbered description in the right column.
A. Voucher
B. Materials requisition
C. Factory Overhead account
D. Clock card
E. Factory Payroll account
F. Materials ledger card
G. Time ticket
________1. Shows amount of time an employee works on a job.
________2. Temporarily accumulates incurred labor costs until they are assigned to specific jobs or to overhead.
________3. Shows only total time an employee works each day.
________4. Perpetual inventory record of raw materials received, used, and available for use.
________5. Shows amount approved for payment of an overhead or other cost.
________6. Temporarily accumulates the cost of incurred overhead until the cost is assigned to specific jobs.
________7. Communicates the need for materials to complete a job.

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