Marketing homework help

1.  What are your 5 favorite apps and why.   Be specific and detailed…how often do you use them and what do they do?
As and example, for me I would have to have:
A.  Google Maps (I use it to find places, connect to their locations and phone numbers and web sites…it also links to Yelp which I also use).
B.   Facebook….including marketplace and several Facebook groups for social, information and communication.
C.   Amazon Prime
D.   Apple Music
E.   Life 360 – helps keep up with my wife and kids
Also useful are: The Score, The Weather Channel, Ebay, Chick-Fil-A, Dictionary, Holy Bible, YouTube, my banking apps (probably most used of all), Compass and Picture This (take a picture of the leaf of a plant and it identifies it).
2.  What was your average daily time on your phone this week and last week.
3.  What is your primary source of communication on a daily basis:  phone call, text, email, social media (which one)?
Count how many of each over 1 week: phone calls, texts, emails, social media…not exactly but close.
(Just for reference, I don’t delete my emails but I have 94,522 emails on my phone…including ads and junk).
4.  How often do you check your email?   How often do you check your MyLeo email?
5.  At the bottom of page 427 there are survey results for what people would give up rather than give up than going without their smartphones.  Which ones would you be willing to give up rather than give up your smartphone?

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