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Science Homework Help. 3.What is the bargaining approach to conflict within a team? What advantages can it

3. What is the bargaining approach to conflict within a team? What advantages can it


4. Describe the competitive style of conflict.

5. Describe an avoiding conflict style.

Critical Thinking Questions

1. One of the characteristics of effective healthcare leaders and effective healthcare teams is the ability to meet and set goals. What is a health goal that you have? (This may be a career goal or an improvement that you’d like to make to your health.) What steps can you take to reach this goal?

2. What are some of the characteristics of good leaders? Which characteristic do you think is most important for a leader in the health sciences to have?

3. You are in charge of building a healthcare team that will be treating individuals infected with a deadly virus. What characteristics will you look for when choosing a leader for this healthcare team? Why would these characteristics be important?

4. You are a leader of a health science team working in a laboratory. You notice that the team is not functioning as effectively as it could. What would you do to encourage the building of a stronger, more effective team?

5. Choose one conflict approach that a leader might use. Describe the conflict approach. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using this approach in the health sciences?

Science Homework Help

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