One of the main reasons for ch

One of the main reasons for choosing Glasgow as a place of
original destination is a pre-existing migrant’s social network. Respondents
stated that having family or friends who had already resided in Glasgow helped
them to reduce their migration costs related to accommodation searching,
employment or adjustment to the new type of work and pace of living. Polish
migrants have spoken about how important such ‘connections’ were to them:

I came here because my friend Emily
was here. She offers me some help if I will decide to come to Glasgow. She
offers me some help at the beginning like flat and job searching and I could
stay with her and her friend, so I just decided on Glasgow. (Female, 24, Polish
recruitment agent) My brother was working in Norway with some of his friends.
One of his friends went to Glasgow to work for company . . . They find a job
there because of the niece of my brother friend. So when the company needed a
workers, she called my brother’s friend and after a less than a week my brother
migrate to Glasgow. And after a while my brother called me and said that the
company he is working with is looking for a people. So I made decision and
that’s how I am here. After a while some of our friends from the place we come from
have arrived as well.

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