Moore (1988) summarizes explan

Moore (1988) summarizes explanations for the low levels of
criminality in Asian groups:

● Greater economic success – Asians, particularly
Indians, have been relatively successful in business and commerce in Britain
and are more likely to be in employment. Therefore, they suffer less from the
marginality experienced by young black people.

● Stronger family and community – Asian families exert
strict control over family members, which can limit the opportunities for
criminal activities. In contrast, West Indian youths are more likely to leave
their homes earlier and be free from the influence of close family ties.

● Different cultures – Asian cultures are clearly
distinct from mainstream British culture, and Asians are perhaps less likely to
feel resentful about the difficulties they face in becoming part of this
mainstream culture. Lea and Young (1984) argued that young West Indians feel
more bitter when they are not accepted by the wider culture and are
consequently more likely to turn to crime.

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