Management Homework Help

Management Homework Help. Read Neculau, A., Habib, S., Kenaraki, M. K. M., Henriksson, A., & Liu, Y. (2009). Alignment Of Business And Is/It Strategy At Telenor Sweden. Journal of Information Systems & Operations Manag

  1. Company Background
  2. Company Business Strategy
  3. Company IS/IT Strategy
  4. IS Strategy Triangle (Read Shanardi ( )and find other resources before arriving at the Friday meeting)
  5. Strategic Alignment Model (Read Henderson and Venkatraman and find other resources before arriving at the Friday meeting)
  6. Strategic Alignment Maturity Model (Read CIO wiki   ( )and find other resources before arriving at the Friday meeting)
  7. Strategic Grid (Read McFarlan, McKenney, and Pyburn   ( )and find other resources before arriving at the Friday meeting)
  8. Limitations (Cover the limitations of your study and paper)
  9. Conclusions
  • Your paper must include at least five scholarly sources beyond the resources provided on Blackboard
  • Your paper must include a cover page with the names and student IDs of all team members
  • Your paper must have a SafeAssign score of less than 25%. You may submit your assignment multiple times to check the SafeAssign score. Only the final submission will be graded. Final submissions with a SafeAssign score over 25% will not be graded.

Here are the guidelines for the presentation.

  1. 20 minutes long
  2. You must create and submit visuals (e.g. PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.). Submit your presentation file via this assignment link.
  3. All team members must participated in the presentation
  4. The presentation must thoroughly present your paper to the audience
  5. You are not permitted to read your paper to the audience

Management Homework Help

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