In exploring attitudes towards

In exploring attitudes towards the economic status of
disabled people in Jordan, Majid Turmunsani (2003) found that cultural
attitudes towards disability were rooted in religious beliefs about society and

The concentration on a person’s productivity and
contribution to their family and society seems to reinforce that characteristic
of Islamic society which accord status to a person, especially a man, according
to his financial capability. However, generally speaking, Islamic society is
characterized by conservative values, habits, attitudes and beliefs that
influence the perception of disability amongst the population. The dominant
Islamic faith and its teaching attributes everything that occurs, and all that
exists in the world, to the will of God. Therefore, society tends to perceive
disability as an act of God testing the faith of individuals to determine who
is able to accept and tolerate their fate with gratitude and patience, and
those who are not. Disability is looked at as a test or as the will of God and
it is incumbent upon the person not to show any distress or bad feeling towards
it. It has been mentioned in one of the prophet’s traditions that there is a
‘steadfast place’ in Paradise for those parents to whom God has entrusted a disabled
child who they have accepted without reservation . . .

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