In Chapter 3, Wilma of Wilma’s

In Chapter 3, Wilma of Wilma’s Wonderful Winterwear was coping with role conflict and succession issues. Two of her sons were not much interested in the business, while her oldest, John and her daughter, Kay both seemed like potential candidates and both seemed to really want it. When she held the latest family council though, she was shocked to find out that Kay was getting engaged – to a man who lived halfway across the country. John dropped another bombshell. It seems that he had decided some years ago to go to college, but kept it quiet. One more class and he’ll finish his degree in cinematography and plans to head to California to try his luck. Jay and Warren, the other two sons, started looking nervously at each other. Would they be expected to take over?

What should Wilma do now? Can you give her some suggestions for what she should be looking?

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