Create a weighted scoring mode

Create a weighted scoring model in Microsoft Excel or your favorite spreadsheet program, based on the following information: The Garcia Property Management (GPM) Company has seen its business grow from two employees operating out of Nadia Garcia’s garage to a company with 50 employees and significant office space. The time has come for GPM to invest in an integrated software package to help run the business, including financial software, sales and marking, and inventory. GPM, not having the expertise to run this project itself, has hired a professional consulting company to find the right software and hardware. The consulting company sent out an RFQ to five different vendors. Each seller proposal was reviewed using the following criteria: contract choices, price, requirements satisfied, experience, previous customers, and financial stability. Because the company is still somewhat small and is growing with slim profit margins, price was deemed to be very important, followed by requirements, experience, previous customers, financial stability, and then contract choices. Create a weighted scoring model for this case, supplying your own results for each of the five sellers.

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