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Compose a 1000 words assignment on critical writing (multiple assignments). Needs to be plagiarism free! ed and identifiable nuclear region such as prokaryotes like bacteria apart from the fact that eukaryotes are relatively bigger than prokaryotes is the eukaryotes’ ability to connect and interact with other neighbouring cells to perform even more complex functions such as working together to become internal organs such as the liver or heart, or external organs such as the fingers or eyes. Eukaryote cells also have cellular parts which are separate from one another and covered in a membrane, much like how animals have separate internal organs which have different functions from one another, while on the other hand the cellular parts of prokaryotes are not covered by a protective membrane and is mixed thoroughly with one another, similar to a bowl of creamy soup. Examples of eukaryotes or eukaryotic organisms are minute and one-celled organisms that can only be seen under a microscope such as parasites that cause intestinal diseases like the amoeba, or these can be many-celled and form complex organs such as a plant’s leaf or a dog’s eye, as well as complete living organisms such as an earthworm or an entire human being.

This line graph is effective in showing interested readers on the trends in religious affiliations worldwide. A reason for this would be the use of colourful lines in the graph which are very distinct from one another and the proper labelling of figures, thus it would be easier to see the trends of each religion included in the graph’s legend. However, the line graph’s purpose in this case is to show trends and not the current or actual statistical figures, thus for people who are interested in finding out the world populations for each religion, additional in-text information must be provided.

This bar graph shows the yearly growth rate in major religions in the west, and readers can easily deduce it through the percentages shown beside each major religion in the y-axis.

Article Writing Homework Help

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