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Article Writing Homework Help. Need help with my writing homework on Talent Management at Google Company. Write a 1500 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Talent Management at Google Company. Write a 1500 word paper answering; The objective of the paper is to evaluate the implementation of diversity and equality, adherence to employment law and recruitment and selection processes of Google Inc.

Talent management is the systematic approach which involves attraction, identification, deployment and retention of individuals or a group of people who are of a high value to the organization to help the enterprise meet its short and long run achievements. There are two approaches to talent management: the inclusive and the exclusive approach (Tucker, Kao and Verma, 2005).

The inclusive approach includes the skill and knowledge development of all the employees in the enterprise. The exclusive approach is the process of development of a particular group of individuals considered as high potentials in the company (Buttiens and Hondeghem, 2012). Inclusive approach focuses on the talent development of all the employees of the organization, while, exclusive approach emphasizes on the development of a selected group of high potentials (Accenture, 2009). Inclusive approach does not add any value to the organization (Lockwood, N.R., 2006). In the inclusive approach, the difference between the less talented and the high performers is small while in the exclusive approach it is very high.

The psychological contract is the unwritten expectations between the employee and the employer. According to psychological contract, the employee believes that the employer is compelled to behave in a certain manner and the enterprise also has some obligations toward the employee (Accenture, 2009). The psychological contract involves the employee and employer compulsions and the physiological contract evaluation. Under the exclusive approach, talented employees experience less violation of psychological contract and non-talented employees face more violation of the contract in their employment relations.

Article Writing Homework Help

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