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Article Writing Homework Help. Need an research paper on slp bus 499. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on slp bus 499. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. Wal – Mart The various strategic objectives that are being considered here for the report are the ones relating to the perspective of the company. The company works on a few main objectives like the company aims at improving customer reach by opening a number of stores across the countries where it already operates. Wal Mart has ensured to keep in track with its mission and vision. This allows the company to pursue its mission and vision as well. Also the second strategy of the company to provide best prices, this clearly relates to the mission statement of the company. Also the last objective as already been discussed is the commitment to sustainable development. Wal – Mart ensures complete usage of its resources and helps in improving the environment. Here customers realize that the organization supports them and also cares for the satisfaction of the customer needs. Also the organization has shown social responsibility to the society.

The above mentioned strategies support one another in all aspects. It is noted that all the objectives and the strategies that have been set down by the company are linked to one another in a manner – the mission and vision of the company. This allows and shows that the company is headed only in one direction and thus the strategic goals of the company will be met easily and more efficiently due to the united approach. Thus it is clear that the strategies developed by the company support each other in all manners and allow the company to grow evenly towards the same goals.

Wal – Mart has very carefully planned and designed its strategies based on the mission and vision that have been set. The company’s strategies in all aspects, including the strategies based on the customer perspective, financial perspective, learning and growth perspective of the company. Thus the strategies that have been built are well linked and the casual chain is clear with completeness to the company’s main vision and mission. The one new objective that can be included to improve the performance of the company is to include a better learning and growth perspective for the employees. This is one of the only parts of the organisation that does not have importance to employee development. The organisation has been accused for a number of issues where the employees have been wrongly treated and the no importance has been given to employee development. Thus one of the major strategies that Wal – Mart should accommodate in their strategy is to provide employees with a ground for learning and self development. This will not only allow the employees to be more motivated but will also help improve the output of the organisation. It is important to understand that for every organisation, the most importance should be given to the learning and development perspective of employees as this can influence the performance of the company and can also directly influence the company’s financial performance as well. A strategic plan focusing on the employee learning is one aspect that is essential for the company at this point in time to move faster towards its goals and this will in a way complete the strategy used by the company.

Article Writing Homework Help

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