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Article Writing Homework Help. Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on marketing communication report on easyjet.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on marketing communication report on easyjet. Situation Analysis behind the Economic Status of EasyJet Airline Company

Established back in 1995, EasyJet Airline Company Limited is a British airline company that operates domestic and international flight services on 387 routes in Europe and North African airports (Sager). As a result of the increase in demand for low-cost flights due to globalization, it becomes a challenged for most of the airline companies to develop strategic ways that will enable them to offer its target passengers a more competitive price on top of outstanding customer service. In line with this, EasyJet offers the public with low-cost flight services by continuously acquiring other airline companies like Go and GB Airways (BBC News a & b).

EasyJet’s decision to acquire other airline companies does not only increase the number of routes wherein EasyJet airplanes could take-off and land (BBC News a). Aside from giving EasyJet Airline Company the opportunity to enjoy the benefit of economies of scale, this particular business expansion strategy could also immediately increase EasyJet’s existing customer base by serving some of the loyal customers of its past and currently acquired airline companies.

Marketing communication strategies such as advertising plays a crucial role in attracting more customers to patronize the flight services offered by EasyJet. In line with this, EasyJet is more interested on the corporate business travellers as its target customers more than those individuals who are travelling for leisure purposes (EasyJet a. Perrett).

Article Writing Homework Help

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