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Compose a 500 words assignment on punk rock or how an an ancient structure was built. Needs to be plagiarism free! How an Ancient Structure was Built The building of structures that we now call ancient was a very complex process. These structures were built by manual labor and the structure itself was so strong that they have stood for thousands of years. Building such structures would take many years to finish. The use of machinery was non-existent and any tools that they did use, they had to make them themselves. The people in those days used some techniques to make the structure more solid and airy. Folded corners, metal block tiles and the use of multi-faceted stones were incorporated to withstand earthquakes, for splitting stones they used Quarry-marks. Maneuvering protuberances were put in to function as hitching points. (Holmquist & Philips)

The beginning of housing started with the Neolithic people 10000 years ago. Their houses were mainly of mud, stone and wood, but the structure differed for every house. Since then the types of houses being built have evolved and upgraded. The Greeks and the Romans are famous for their structures and architectural techniques. Most of Roman architecture has been inspired by the Greeks and Greece is known as the ‘Mother of Rome.’ The Greeks used three types of architectural systems: Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. The roofs that they built were of low pitch. Windows and doors would be enormous. this would help in wind circulation and keeping the heat out. Greek structures were painted white because it was not known then that the white marble of ancient Greece had been polychrome. These structures were mainly built of local marble or limestone and had stone frames. One trend that was very common among the Roman architecture and structures is that of bases which provided support to the column. (Holmquist & Philips)

There have been many trends in the Greek architecture. The first of them was the archaic period, in which the structure was mainly rectangular, consisting of steps, a platform, an anta and a porch. Then came the classical period, the order commonly used was Doric and many refinements were made to balance the structure. The third period is called the hellenistic period, the buildings now consisted of more than one story, the use of Corinthian columns increased. The roofs were of two types: Laconian and Corinthian. Many pieces of Laconian roofs have been found at Sparta, while examples of Corinthian style were found at Delphi and Olympia. (Holmquist & Philips)

They have become more stable against the environmental conditions. But even today there are some disasters which we cannot counter. Researchers should find out ways to make houses counter such environmental conditions such as earthquakes and floods.

Today we can measure buildings and structures to such precision, that we have to decide what level of precision is necessary for that particular structure. Measuring a structure can help the maintainers in preserving the building in its actual condition. With the help of these measuring tools, buildings can be restored to their original shape and architecture. Old buildings can be reconditioned to use for our purposes today. Offices can be built there, such as courts and lawyers offices. This helps in utilising the space well and usage of the building might just help it stand for a longer period of time. Also, using it will help in keeping it in shape.

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Article Writing Homework Help

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