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Article Writing Homework Help. Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Product Concept of BlackBerry. It needs to be at least 2000 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Product Concept of BlackBerry. It needs to be at least 2000 words. BlackBerry works on the wireless data networks of cellular phone service providers and an ordinary mobile phone user will be able to utilize its entire functions by simply buying and switching on it. Originally BlackBerry devices have monochrome displays but soon after the successful launch of this model, we plan to market next models with color displays.

In addition to Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) functions, BlackBerry has it’s own built-in ‘thumb-enabled’ keyboard for easy operation and use. Our BlackBerry is also able to send emails, messages, and data to the users using other devices. It also has the ability to send and receive emails to and from computers of any user types. We have also added a track wheel to scroll and click while using. Our aim is that cell phone users should not depend on traditional mobile phone devices for communication.

Present BlackBerry model 950, uses Intel process 80386 and 16MB RAM in it. Technically BlackBerry offers a multi-task system that enables it to perform various functions as a single function and doesn’t compromise on speed and quality. One can send digitally secure messages by using BlackBerry too.

Up to our enthusiastic plans and expectations, this device will be very popular in all mobile phone users and specifically among business users. For this purpose, we intend to do a complete concept and product testing plan

Research objectives:

The objective of the research is as important as the research itself is. Without a focused objective, no good findings can be expected from any type of research. The research objective is to have maximum feedback form selective and targeted customer groups so that enough information which may be needed for any modification would be available to us. Though the product has gone through various in house and laboratory tests unless we have a solid view about consumers’ perception about bb we cannot proceed further. This research enabled us to improve the product before its test marketing.

Information is needed. Our research includes following questions and we vigilantly tried to find out the answers to these questions by applying Primary Research and conducting Focus Group Discussions: Further points include a collection of information about various issues:

Should we offer BlackBerry as such or some changes are required

If no changes needed, which market is most likely the best appropriate market to target in the beginning

Should we offer BlackBerry to all mobile users or only to the business users in the beginning. What price should be charged for this high-end innovation

In which demographic markets we should focus on the beginning.

Article Writing Homework Help

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