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Article Writing Homework Help. Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Managing Diversity. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Managing Diversity. It needs to be at least 1000 words. I am a part of a diverse group in our company. I have colleagues with different nationalities, gender, age and social status. I had an opportunity to assist a pregnant colleague with regards to the availment of her maternity benefits. Her line manager advised her that she cannot take full advantage of some of the maternal benefits specifically the maternity leave.

I was a newcomer to the company then but knowing about her situation made me decide to lend her a hand. To shed light on the specific reasons why she cannot have the maternity leave and other possible options of helping her, I liaised with senior members of the company. As a result, we were enlightened with the procedures and policies of the HR and they concluded that my pregnant colleague was eligible for maternity leave.

Having encountered a lot of instances wherein my sense of personal responsibility is measured, there are those moments that I consider to be my best accomplishment. I was once assigned with arranging an appeal board for someone who was dismissed for misconduct.

With this responsibility at hand, I took the initiative to keep the panelists well-info6med by providing them with updates about the case and making sure that any other necessary documents relevant to the case were available to them.

I ha

I had to convene with the panelists to check on their available schedules so as to determine the date and time of the meeting. The venue for the meeting was also another issue that I had to resolve for the place had to be accessible to the panelists.

Unfortunately, one of the panelists got sick and was not able to attend the meeting. With this situation, I was assigned to record the minutes of the meeting. I had to admit that it was the first time that I did minute-taking. To ensure that I met the requirements and expectations of the job as a minute-taker, I took the first step to have the information verified by the board before it was released.

By taking full responsibility of the task assigned to me and having enthusiasm in successfully completing my work, I was able to finish my responsibility with flying colors and even gained additional knowledge and skills in minute-taking.

Team working

I consider myself as a flexible person for I am able to adapt to different working environments and various work groups. I always believed that fostering harmonious and professional working relationship with my colleagues will help us to achieve a common goal.

On a personal note, I had experienced the wonders of teamwork and the role I played as one of the team members. Twice a year, all HR units in our organization collate, record and file performance development reviews for all the staff. Team effort was required for the successful completion of the task.

Since we were working hard to complete the performance development reviews, we were able to foster strong working relationships within the team although we had personal differences we still try to manage to keep our common goal in mind. I also had interactions with the line managers and I took time to get to know them. My approachable attitude paved the way for easier communication with them.

My colleague had personal issues to deal with that she was unable to fulfill his role on the review that we were finishing. I therefore took it upon myself to complete both of our tasks.

Article Writing Homework Help

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