A find is pumped into the netw

A find is pumped into the network of pipes shown in Figure. At steady state, the following flow balances must hold,

Q1 = Q2 + Q3

Q3 = Q4 + Q5

Q5 = Q6 + Q7

Where Qi = flow in pipe i [m3/s]. In addition, the pressure drops around the three right-hand loops must equal zero. The pressure you to compute the flow in every pipe length given that Q1 = 1 m3/s and ρ = 1.23 kg/m3. All the pipes have D = 500 mm and ƒ = 0.005. The pipe lengths are: L3 = L5 = L8 = L9 = 2 m; L2 = L4 = L6 = 4 m; and L7 = 8m.

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